Ex-Factor boys not returning for finale

Two former contestants on The X Factor 2012 won’t be returning as part of the Grand Final celebrations this week.

Seven has confirmed Adil and Josh won’t be returning to the show.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Adil Memon and Josh Brookes were both disqualified from the show earlier in the series after an out of hours social media session where they behaved in an inappropriate manner.”

However, Seven’s original statement in September only ever formally disqualified 20 year old Brookes, (in)famously booted  after appearing online asking for “banana pics.” It was deemed inappropriate conduct by a contestant and he was replaced by Carmelo Munzone.

18 year old Adil Memon, who also appeared alongside Brookes, had already been cut from the show prior to the incident -so is it reasonable that he is also excised from X Factor‘s finale? How long can a show expect its contestants to toe the company line after they have been eliminated?

Presumably, it all comes down to the fine detail in the contract, which has always seen contestants fulfilling post-show obligations such as publicity interviews.

Seven advises that although the online incident didn’t make news until after Memon had left the show, the misdemeanour with Brookes happened while he was still part of the show.


  1. I think seven is sending the right message. The boys both did the wrong thing, and letting them have more time in the spotlight on the back of what they did would make X factor look worse!

  2. A fair call on 7’s part. While everyone makes mistakes, bringing them back and allowing them to come back into the spotlight after what they did would actually send the wrong message to young people. They were removed from the show (had Adil not been voted out already, it’s clear that he would have been disqualified, too), so it makes no sense for them to be allowed back for the final episode. When two guys were removed from the BB house back in 2005 or 2006, they weren’t brought back for the finale. It’s a harsh lesson to learn, but both boys know they were foolish.

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