Geeks rule Thursday

Ratings: Twice the number of viewers who watched Redfern Now tuned in to see four geeks get a makeover.

Is this the state of television? Twice the number of viewers who watched the excellent drama of Redfern Now tuned in to see four geeks get a makeover on Beauty & the Geek Australia.

Seven’s geeks managed an impressive 1.28m viewers while ABC’s drama had to settle for 644,000. After several weeks of losing Thursdays (aided by no Big Brother on Nine), Seven easily won the night.

Seven Network was 32.5% followed by Nine 24.0%, TEN 19.4%, ABC 18.4% and SBS 5.7%.

Beauty & the Geek Australia topped the night with 1.28m for Seven then Seven News (1.11m), Today Tonight (970,000), Home and Away (934,000), Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (910,000), The Unbelievable Truth plunged from its geek lead-in (572,000), Deal or No Deal (448,000) and Family Guy (301,000).

Nine News was 1.06m for Nine then ACA (911,000), Getaway (618,000), Hot Seat (604,000), The Big Bang Theory (593,000), CSI (494,000), CSI: Miami (416,000). A second CSI ep played in two cities with 203,000.

Modern Family (562,000) was best for TEN. TEN News was 545,000, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was 530,00 / 514,000, Law and Order: SVU was 488,000 / 406,000,  and The Project 6pm was 364,000.

On ABC1 it was ABC News (930,000), 7:30 (780,000), Catalyst (663,000), Redfern Now (644,000 was second in its slot), Qi (593,000), Angry Boys (229,000) and Greatest Cities of the World with Griff Rhys Jones (228,000).

Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket led SBS ONE with 271,000 then One Born Every Minute (248,000), Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 2 (238,000), My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita (162,000) and World News Australia (141,000).

Big Bang topped multichannels with 341,000 on GO!

Sunrise: 370,000
Today: 345,000
ABC News Breakfast: 49,000 / 40,000
Breakfast: 47,000

Thursday 8 November 2012

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  1. Thursday nights should be the least watched of the week,but it’s up there as one of the best.2 of those shows shouldn’t even be looked at as they are just trash.As mentioned before people’s taste in television compared to 10 years ago has changed dramatically.Thank god for Foxtel,i sure get my money’s worth through these guys

  2. I was watching the last episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation plus the Special. Thank you very much to Eleven (and the Ten Network) for playing it reliably at mainly decent times.

  3. Beauty and the Geek is the same every season. Even the US stopped making them after 5 seasons. Seven will probably do another season as ratings are OK, but – as someone who used to watch the show, I just cant’t handle it now. Tried on Thursday night – but the “wedgie challenge” shown in first few minutes of what was going to be on for the night was a complete turn off. Deleted recording and won’t be back!

  4. Channel 7 could show people eating dog poop and I think it would still be the highest-rated show of the night. “Beauty & The Geek” is downright offensive and has absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. Anyone who argues otherwise has never seen genuinely good television.

  5. @karebear
    In the first episode of SVU, Det.Rollins sister arrived and made reference to her gambling problem.
    The following episode was the one where her gambling issues were first revealed to viewers.
    I don’t know if that is why 10 chose to air it again or if it was just coincidence.

  6. @karebear, eps from the first season of L&O SVU are being played on ONE on Fridays at 8.30pm 🙂

    The repeat episodes on Thursdays are from the previous season (13), Ten are fast tracking Season 14.

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