Our Little Secret takes a novel approach

A documentary in development with ABC is tackling both its subject and its funding from a new angle.

Walkley Award winning filmmaker Monique Schafter (Hungry Beast, 7:30) will direct Our Little Secret, a documentary that will provide a voice to survivors of child sexual abuse.

But it’s a subject that few want to discuss. The film plans to feature Chas, a happily married 28-year-old lawyer, soon-to-be Dad and child sex abuse survivor, who asks, “Is it possible to have a casual conversation about the serious subject of child sex abuse?”

Our Little Secret takes the approach that silence doesn’t help address the issues.

Producer Lee Matthews told TV Tonight, “It is going to be about you and me and every individual who has the power to tackle this issue by speaking up, asking the right questions, and lending an ear to survivors of abuse whose voices aren’t being heard.”

Producers are also using Kickstarter crowdfunding to help with gap financing.

With just 3 days to go the project has raised $21,476 of its $25,000 target. But it will only be realised if it reaches $25,000 by 4:49pm  Saturday Dec 1st.


Kickstarter: http://kck.st/Y95nfp

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