Paul Henry, turn off the lights when you’re done.

Funny moment on TEN Breakfast, possibly at the expense of Paul Henry.

Is it just me or is the show’s subtext quickly becoming what a champion Kathryn Robinson is for remaining so composed in the face of Henry’s presenting style?



  1. Ironic that at the end of the gag they left that wide shot up with the lights out for 15 minutes and it was the best ratings they had all year

    Ha ha ha

  2. @ Robert BA & Daniel, I agree the interaction between Kathryn & Paul will the rest of the news cast is great! I find it fresh and entertaining for just 1/2 hour of my morning! The others seem to stagnant and repetitive!

  3. I agree about Kathryn Robertson: I don’t watch the show but when I see clips like this and The Hamster Wheel I wonder who would willingly sit next to someone like Paul Henry for such a long time.

  4. That was brilliant,I loved it.
    Very Very funny.

    I must be the only one on TVtonight that loves Paul Henry.
    He is so much fun.

    Breakfast any day of the week for me.

  5. Nice work girls!

    Although if I recall correctly, this type of stunt was performed (repeatedly) on Hey Hey Its Saturday back when it was on Saturday mornings.

  6. Secret Squirrel

    That was actually pretty funny and I agree that, from the few clips like this that I’ve seen on The Hamster Wheel or online, Kathryn Robinson is a class above Henry (she’s Mammalia and he’s Reptilia).

    At the end it looked like there were about the same number of people listening to him in the studio as were watching on TV.

  7. Paul is that uncle everyone hates but puts up with on Christmas day. Kath is the mum who tells you uncle Paul will pass out blind drunk soon. there on chemistry… Is unique, Yesterday we saw something very funny and everyone having fun. Considering how much of a jerk Paul is meant to be to work with it seems as though things are settling down. If they continue to have fun like this the show may just pick up some more viewers.

  8. Absolutely hilarious moment yesterday. It was great watching it live – no idea they would go that far.

    Paul and Kath are really gelling well together. Regardless of your thoughts on the show, Paul and Kath have been working non-stop 5 days a week from Thursday 23rd February. Paul has never missed an episode and Kath just the one. Not bad to keep that commitment up under the ratings pressure.

    Meanwhile whenever I watch Sunrise, Today or even The Project – it becomes a guessing game as to who is missing/on holidays/sick today.

    tomothyd: No way!! The advertisements were never ever introduced to be a part of Breakfast but were just left over after Ten hastily axed The Circle.

  9. That was actually very funny, the women on the team have obviously got over Henry’s self loving and now just take the piss.
    “There’s some paint drying on the wall” hahaha, Natarsha Belling is always good fun when she gets to break from the seriousness of presenting a news piece.
    I dont watch any morning TV at all, I dont have time with having to run, have breakfast and drive to work, but on Saturdays I have seen bits of the Breakfast recap show, and have actually seen a few funny moments or interesting clips, but also a lot of dull and pointless stuff.
    Are they still showing advertorials on the weekday episodes, if so, bad idea. They need to engage the viewers, not try to sell them a steam mop while they’re making the school lunches.

  10. Anytime I’ve seen any footage from this show I always feel for the ten news girls who must have agreed to work with Paul under duress. Loved watching them just get up and leave!

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