Sammi’s win nudges 2m viewers in X Factor triumph

Ratings: The Winner Announced scored 1.92m viewers in preliminary figures, and an easy win for Seven.

Tuesday night was always going to go Seven’s way.

The X Factor The Winner Announced scored 1.92m viewers in preliminary figures, but is expected to be adjusted to 2.16m. The bulk of the show was 1.88m but will be adjusted to 1.87m viewers.

Seven Network easily won the night with 38.6% then Nine 22.3%, TEN 17.5%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 5.0%.

Everything else on the box trailed in comparison. Next for Seven was Seven News (1.05m), Home and Away (1.02m), Today Tonight (938,000), Grimm (937,000 in preliminary figures), Deal or No Deal (454,000) and Smash (425,000).

Nine News (1.08m) was best for Nine then ACA (927,000), 10 Scariest Plane Landings (859,000), Big Bang (722,000 / 633,000), 2 Broke Girls (586,000), Hot Seat (558,000), Two and a Half Men (460,000), Mike and Molly (319,000) and Survivor (222,000).

TEN News (642,000) topped TEN’s night. NCIS was 619,000, Modern Family was 606,000, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was 496,000 / 458,000, The Project 6pm was 442,000 and NCIS: LA was 435,000.

ABC News was 1.03m for ABC1 then 7:30 (749,000), Qi (614,000), Foreign Correspondent (593,000), Croker Island Exodus (538,000), and Artscape (226,000).

Clinton (197,000) was best for SBS ONE then America in Primetime (192,000), Finding Your Roots (187,000) and World News Australia (136,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 266,000.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

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  1. I have always thought that 7 news (Melb) updates were recorded and head newsreader has gone home.
    Its happened 2 many times with breaking news stories. While the other head news readers are still at the station doing updates through out the night.
    Channel 7 News, you have lost me and my family!!

  2. X factor was interesting this year with a variety of strong performers. I loved The Voice when the blind auditions were going on but quickly lost interest as some of the better singers were eliminated by the judges themselves.

  3. I’ll admit I like news updates that summarise the days news particularly if I’ve missed that particular days news for whatever reason. Including if I’m out. If I don’t want to pay attention I don’t have to.

  4. I’m deliriously pleased when “specialists” who assert to continue a vigilant eye on the numbers get it dead wrong. Given the unremitting quantity of reality television series for 2012, Seven will be exhilarated with this result. Any endeavour to means-test its performance against that of “The Voice” is scandalous. I decline to subscribe to the idea any Seven Network executive expected higher numbers. The X Factor: Australia succeeded in total numbers and key demographics for the most part.

    Sorry Steve, it merits a hit and success grade. 1.5 million viewers and above is the new 2 million plus. While I believe “The Voice” 2013 will increase in ratings, its fortunes will change 2014 and beyond seeing it crash and burn faster than a meteorite.

  5. So called new updates only contain the odd story or 2 and are just a waste of everyone’s time. They add nothing to the tv experience, in fact you see them and just think “well that was pointless crap”…save money and get rid of them

  6. What was with all the commercial news ‘reporting’ on the ‘Click Frenzy’ website? I sort of found this to be a free kick in advertising to something that doesn’t warrant news at all.

    Although I must admit I did check it out, not that I could get on.

  7. @ mr J. If an update is recorded just after the 6pm news, how can it be passed off as an update 2 hours later. And how can they update their update at 10.40 when that update was not really an update.

  8. updates are always pre recorded just after the 6:00 news. last night there was also a murder charge at about 8:00 followed by news updates only reporting it as an arrest. 7 updates their update at about 10:40pm.

  9. With the X Factor so high even the 11 minute overrun would have boosted Grimm significantly. Probably around 150k.

    Same thing for Castle yesterday, which means it really rated less than last week.

  10. X Factor is a ‘success’ but its not a hit sadly. Its ratings are remarkable it has been so consistent … 1.4-1.6 million each night then a finale of 1.9million. Ch7 would be disappointed with only 1.9 million for the finale against no opposition. Should have easily pushed through 2 … projection of around 2.3million.

  11. I was in Melb for work last night and use to watch 7 news but 9 news is so much better than 7 now. Can understand why the ratings are declining for 7, it’s so commercial and tacky now, and the updates weren’t live except for a breaking news story from a reporter later in the night (Peter mitchell not at desk)

  12. Xfactor was great last night. About 8.30pm Peter Mitchell did a news update and he repeated the story about the big online shopping event. It was all over the online media that the shopping website had crashed. Seven had failed to mention this which makes me believe that the update was recorded much earlier. My point is that how can it be an update.

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