The Bold and the Beautiful: update

A number of readers have been asking if The Bold and the Beautiful will be PG rated when it starts airing at 8:30am from Monday.

TEN has now clarified this will be an “Encore” episode, meaning it is a replay of the G rated episodes that air at 4:30pm.

Afternoons will remain the first-run episodes with replays the next morning. This avoids TEN having to cut two editions of the same episode for different classifications.


  1. Also, Taylor accidentally saying Ridge when she and her then husband Whip were being intimate was also cut out and it took awhile to work out why Whip looked so upset.

  2. @deedeedragons

    Sometimes Ten makes unwarranted cuts to the show. I remember reading in the Green Guide years ago that they cut the scene where Homer encourages Maggie to play with a box in the “Rosebud” episode. Everybody assumed that it was cut to make way for more ads, but David Mott denied this at the time.

  3. @ Shelley

    Yes that’s correct. Back in 2007/8 they cut the entire footage of Brooke’s rape from across 4 episodes. All the other footage from those 4 episodes was merged into one episode. Viewers where left scratching their heads. They really are pathetic at Ten.

  4. I’m sure I’ve posted this before but ten once cut so much of a storyline involving the kidnapping and rape of one of the characters they were able to edit 2 episodes together. This was not long after they first moved it to 4.30pm. I gave up watching not long after.

  5. @Aurora: Yes, I am aware that classification has nothing to do with target audience. There are many “family-friendly” films and programmes out there that are rated PG and M.

    I am in fact against the practice of networks awarding “default” classifications for programmes on the basis of its assumed target audience (such is the case with many medical/crime themed programmes, which are often given an M rating regardless of content).

  6. sillygostly said:
    “this is a series aimed at adults and should air with a PG or M rating depending on the content of each episode.”

    In my opinion, a rating of PG or M is not a prerequisite for a series to be aimed at “adults”.

  7. To do such a show unedited would mean having to take the American Approach and put it on after 7pm.The Question Mark is where to put it and how to reschedule the other weekday shows if they go there.

  8. Speaking of cuts it seems Nine also make some cuts to Days of our Lives by the look of things. Many of the storylines seem inconclusive and I am sure they are missing some scenes.

    Also with each episode screened on Nine averaging about 37 minutes withouts ads, surely it should be longer for what is supposed to be an hour long program. One episode last week was only 27 minutes without ads so that was severely cut as some scenes from the previous episode showing what is to happen on the next epsiode were missing from the following episode. There is no reason to do this as it was on a day that the cricket was not even on.

  9. Please channel 10, we would really like to see an ‘unedited’ version of our favourite soap opera. I remember the good old days when it was screened at 1pm and nothing was edited. Now we watch some episodes where something is cut out and we have no idea what happened, which complicates ongoing storylines. If 8.30am is too early for a repeated unedited version move it to early afternoon.

  10. @ BreIsABizzyBee

    Ronn Moss’s (Ridge) final episode airs here next week – Tuesday December 4 (ep# 6407)

    Susan Flannery (Stephanie) has just exited this week in the US. We are 11 weeks behind the US, so expect that episode to air here around February 8th 2013 (ep# 6456).

  11. the show has been a success for the 4.30pm timeslot, so it’s not moving away from that slot. It’s ratings generally beats Seven and Nine (which sadly, doesn’t happen to Ten often these days in any timeslot. lol).

    But i do agree that an unedited version of the show should air in another timeslot. Surely it can fit in a slot during the day where PG and M rated shows can air

  12. The Bold and the Beautiful was *never* a G rated show. Ten only gives it that rating due to the restrictions of the 4.30pm timeslot. Often the edits that they make are insufficient and surpass the limitations of the G classification from what I’ve seen of the show, but for years and years they’ve been getting away with it.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t some episodes that could be rated G in their uncut form, but for the most part, this is a series aimed at adults and should air with a PG or M rating depending on the content of each episode.

  13. When are the last episodes of Ridge (Ron Moss) and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) going to air in Australia?

    I agree though it would be great to see the episodes unedited.

  14. So let me get this right:

    4.30pm broadcast: edited
    8.30am broadcast: edited
    Online catch up: edited
    Viewer: you asked, we’re not listening!
    TEN: epic fail!

    B&B is the longest running show on TEN, yet it takes them 25 years to give us a repeat screening! When we get the repeat, it’s still cut to shreds. Not only do they make classification edits for it to remain “G”, but also timing edits with dialogue trimmed back, sweeping location shots removed, and the opening and closing credits cut from every single episode. I’m so pissed with these wankers at TEN. They seriously need to catch a grip and listen to viewers! Fail!

    David, thank you for asking TEN about this…at least someone listens to what we want!

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