The Strange Calls: Nov 6

Former Prisoner star Val Lehman makes an appearance in next week’s episode of ABC2 comedy The Strange Calls.

The Coolum economy relies on tourists swarming in to see the rare Cuckoo-Shrike. But there is a cat on the loose, and it’s killing Coolum’s draw-card. The dead birds have a distinctive signature – a laceration diagonally across their chest. Gregor (Barry Crocker) has seen this before: Napoleon, a killer cat from his past. And now he’s back from the dead!

Banks (Toby Truslove) thinks this is ludicrous, and blames a feral cat. Sergeant Lloyd (Patrick Brammall) puts Banks on the hunt for the killer cat – which is made even more difficult because the local teenage bully, Bosh, is out to get Banks for confiscating his roller blades. After tracking the cat to local cemetery, Gregor confirms his suspicions – Napoleon has returned from the dead. Fearful for his life, Gregor drags Banks back to the caravan. But the van is no safe haven. It’s attacked violently.

While Gregor assumes it is Napoleon, Banks thinks it must be Bosh and his gang. Against Gregor’s desperate pleas, Banks decides to face the tormentor – but when he opens the door, he invites a world of trouble into the van.

Tuesday, November 6 at 9.30pm on ABC2

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