X Factor runners up get single release

Neither The Collective nor Jason Owen won The X Factor but Sony is released both their “Winners” tracks yesterday.

The Collective’s “Never Surrender” and Jason Owen’s “Make it Last,” both from Sydney duo DNA, get a digital release today.

Now begins the test to see if they can make it beyond Reality TV’s 15 minutes of fame or, indeed, whether one can even outlast the winner, Samantha Jade. Plenty of runner-up have done that before…


  1. Sammy’s single debuted at #1 this morning, based on less than 48 hours of sales, so she’s having her moment of glory. Surprisingly, The Collective have yet to hit #1 on iTunes, which means they’re going to have a hard time getting there next week. At this stage, Sammy is heading for a second week at #1.

  2. I totally agree with the rest of the comments – Samantha Jade won the competition & she should be given her chance to shine as the winner.
    I’m happy for both The Collective & Jason Owen but Like Guy said Sony should have waited a few weeks.
    The Collective are already in the top 5 but poor Jason is nowhere to be seen – maybe Sony want to see how they sell first before signing them fully!

  3. Unfair for Samantha, but at the moment it seems Sammi is still riding high on the iTunes charts. Still at #1 since it was released while The Collective have only risen to #3, with Jason at #40.

  4. Personally i think this should not have happened until a few weeks after Samantha was crowned. It sort of puts a downer on the winner and what she achieved if you ask me.

  5. I am happy that they get to release the tracks. I’m sure their supporters would love this, but so soon?
    Samantha won just days ago, and according to these artists website, they are now signed Sony artists and have the same Management as Samantha. I am aware that Sony has the rights to all the contestants, but you would think they’d at least give the winner an opportunity to have their spotlight. These reality shows frustrate me because 90+% of them are associated with Sony, and we all know how well Sony look after reality winners. I feel for Samantha Jade. I really hope she can be successful, but now who knows. She deserves her chance to shine, not be overshadowed by the others just days after her victory. And it’s not just the label, they’re now signed to the same management, which means they’re likely not going to get equal priority over each other.

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