Report: More arvo News for Nine

2012-12-20_0108Nine News is set to launch a one-hour news bulletin in the 3pm afternoon slot from January 7, according to The Age.

Amelia Adams and Wendy Kingston (pictured) are tipped to be presenters of a magazine-like bulletin, which will be followed by US entertainment show Extra before another hour of news from 4.30pm.

Children’s shows in the current slot will move to a digital channel.

Next year is shaping up as a big battle in News, with Seven whispers about major change and ABC set to launch a 5:30 bulletin, hosted from Perth.


  1. “Coming Soon to Nine: AutoCutieAthon!” They can call it whatever they like just as long as they stop insulting our intelligence by trying to pass off trivia, celebrity gossip and human interest stories as ‘news’.

  2. @csh- TEN have no problems providing acceptable programming in the afternoons, which is why TEN owns the afternoon. If lots of kids have abandoned afternoon FTA TV then how many more will abandon them when there’s only news. My tweens watch GO! or 11 (all PG) simply because there’s nothing for them on 9 from 3-5.

  3. I can’t recall any real “updated” news, or anything other than repeats of the 6pm news headlines, except on SBS or TEN. WIN record their “updates” in the afternoon, when prerecording their 6pm bulletins for regional feeds. Some are recorded as early as 3pm. WIN takes Nine news breaks when something new “breaks” or Nine has someone around to “break” it. In NSW that’s extremely rare. Only real Nine NSW “updates” are on Sunday nights with Jo Hall from GTV9, sometimes.

  4. News is cheap. Much cheaper than many other kinds of scripted/acted programming.

    The other thing to note is that news in the afternoon lets the broadcasters target an adult audience in that timeslot. Under the classification zone rules, they have to show mainly G programming at that time. This normally means kids’ shows, but the kids have abandoned afternoon telly for games or dedicated children’s channels. News is exempt from classification so this is one way to get to the adult audience in timezone they wouldn’t normally be able to.

  5. More Amelia Adams? I’m sold…She’s hot!!!
    But seriously, this is way too much. If some big story breaks they usually go to air with it whatever the time anyway. But 90% of the time it will just the same stuff replayed ad nauseum.
    It’ll keep the newsroom in work I guess…

  6. So im guessing the next logical step would be to move Today to 5am-9am followed by mornings 9am-12pm followed by news news news news news news news news news news news news and even more news. sigh…

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