State-based bulletins tipped to replace Today Tonight

More speculation today that Seven will revamp its 6:30 timeslot with media claiming axed TEN presenter Helen Kapalos will front a Melbourne produced programme.

Today Tonight host Matt White quit on Friday night, and as TV Tonight reported last week, Seven is currently recruiting producers, reporters and researchers around the country.

Installing local hosts could be one strategy to try and lift Seven’s numbers in key markets, where TT has been trailing A Current Affair. Ironically, TT had its own local hosts before Naomi Robson became host in most markets.

The Sunday Age reports Kapalos met Seven’s Peter Meakin, last Monday in Sydney.

An insider also tells the Sunday Herald Sun, “Helen is obviously a strong face in Melbourne and they are keen to use her in that market because it’s a real weak spot for them at the moment.

“They seem to appreciate her, even if TEN didn’t.”

Rumours of Derryn Hinch having a role also abound. Hinch exited 3AW on Friday but has already joined Seven.

Meanwhile Helen Kapalos says her sacking wasn’t sexist, but badly handled.

“It wasn’t done in a spiteful, negative way, it was done in an insensitive way,” Kapalos said.

“I would have loved the opportunity to be able to thank viewers, to farewell colleagues, to properly pack up my office and belongings and wardrobe.”


  1. Matt White is a car racing commentator, that is all he is, but if TT stays the same formula of carp then no-one will still watch it no matter who hosts it, that is why Derryn Hinch, Neil Mitchell, Jon Faine would never do it as they are serious news people no fairy floss and network cross promotion stooges

  2. bettestreep2008

    J Bar – yes it would be a dog act but a lot of businesses do this to sacked employees who are hoping to have their contracts paid out in full.

    If Helen is offered a job with Seven, Ten execs can argue that she can not start work until after April 2013 – after her contract expires.

    I am sure Helen has discussed this with her lawyers and I am betting Ten execs will not want to give Seven a very popular news reader without a fight.

  3. If Ten try to hold her back until March it would be a dog act. After what they did to her and othe Ten news staff, they are already looking bad in many people’s eyes, but this would top it off

  4. Helen is great, much more appealling that Matt, but really, does it matter who hosts?? they are hardly in it anyway, just a few mins introducing each segment & i think most people would either watch or not based on what stories are on it regardless of the host.

  5. @tvjunkie01 – Naomi Robson hosted the east coast edition of Today Tonight from Melbourne for the entire period. No reason why Helen Kapalos couldn’t do the same.

  6. @jonno December 2, 2012 at 9:42 pm –

    Yes, but if Helen was to front a National program, she would have to do it from sydney wouldn’t she? I don’t believe she would move back to sydney, that is why she is going to do the state TT from Melbourne.

  7. 7 could really attract a demographic friendly audience (and bigger audience) if they changed the content of the 6.30 show and focused more on well produced, original long form local stories. Seven closed the gap on 9 in the last 5-10 years at 6pm by doing just that, and there is no reason they can’t reinvent the public affairs format and surge ahead of they get the strategy and execution right.

  8. What,s new? Matt white was poached by 7 from 10 many years ago. Money talks in tv and 7 have a lot more money than 10. Helen,s gloss will fade with time. And so will this experim

  9. Great News re Helen, A Possible replacement for Peter Mitchell down the track also. 10 stuffed up big time when they sacked her a month ago, no longer watch any news on 10.

  10. Secret Squirrel

    Good on Helen Kapalos, hope she scores a gig. It’s a shame that she wasn’t afforded the same opportunity to say farewell as Bill Woods and Ron Wilson.

    I applaud Seven if they are going to try state-based news but I do wonder whether the majority of their 6pm audience will have the stamina for a whole hour of news. I haven’t watched 7 (or 9) news for a very long time but I would be interested in a state-based version if it was done right (no shopping or health advice, or any other non-news pap).

  11. It would be great to see her host something though. I guess the news is out of the question but if Peter Mitchell keeps getting beaten then maybe there could be a job for her.

  12. This is a clever move and Seven just loves rubbing James Warbuton’s nose in it!

    Things are looking very grim for Ten in 2013 while Nine and Seven seem very focussed and determined.

  13. Good god, I don’t know about everyone else, but please axe Today Tonight, the format has been turned into scum news. The Project is far more light hearted and more entertaining then these stupid tabloid shows, besides Today Tonight has the same segments every 4 weeks. It almost use the same footage and presenter to do the work.

    I don’t know how anyone can put up with the show.

  14. I hope they go state based versions because a national or east coast version doesn’t really satisfy most viewers. IMO, this is why the Project suffers.

  15. I do so hope this rumour is true. Helen is marvellous.

    And Seven, if you are revamping, replace that stupid title and use something that’s meaningful. Today Tonight as a title is weak. And clumsy in promos too…”on today tonight tomorrow”…

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