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Selling Houses Australia gets the early prize for most bizarre promo of 2013.

2013-01-16_1049Selling Houses Australia gets the early prize for most bizarre promo of 2013.

You’ll either love or hate the concept for this promo for the sixth season about property and real estate, hosted by Andrew Winter.

But if it helps pop the series then I guess it’s doing it’s job.

This season the challenges are extreme and the makeovers bigger than ever. Host and property expert, Andrew Winter, will again be joined by interior designer, Shaynna Blaze, and landscape designer, Charlie Albone. Together they will transform some of the most testing homes that no-one wants to buy into saleable properties with spectacular results.

Bob the boilermaker – a rough diamond with a vast, empty penthouse apartment in Darwin is desperate to sell. While the title ‘penthouse apartment’ may conjure up images of style and luxury, the reality is anything but. The building looks like a remand centre, the roof terrace a prison exercise yard and the inside is like a scene out of a bad 70’s movie. Darwin may be in the midst of a property boom, but when it comes to the awful penthouse this is a case of property gone bust.

Comedian Akmal Selah and his wife consider themselves a hopeless match – both terrible with money and inclined to poor, spur-of-the-moment decisions. They rush into purchasing a picturesque property at Huonbrook near Byron thinking it will lead to nirvana. But within a month they’re fleeing this back-to-nature existence after being terrorised by ‘poisonous insects’ and packs of ‘wild dogs’. If their dwelling sells it will be a miracle.

But if you think that’s a challenge – the team have also taken on a house in Melbourne’s Frankston that has no working kitchen or bathroom and sits directly opposite a cemetery. Dealing with the dead is all in a day’s work for owner and Gravedigger, Sean, but he’s dug himself into a financial hole and can no longer afford to keep up the repayments. Is there any way to resurrect this sale and bring it back from the dead?

Selling Houses Australia is produced by Beyond Productions and is The LifeStyle Channel’s most watched series that has reached 2.6 million Australian viewers to-date.

Wednesday, February 6 at 8.30pm on The LifeStyle Channel.

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