Returning: White Collar, Burn Notice, Blue Bloods.

2013-01-28_0047Three shows often queried by readers are finally returning to ONE with new episodes: White Collar, Burn Notice, Blue Bloods.

They all resume Wednesday February 13.

7:30pm White Collar
S3 E8: “As You Were”
When an old Naval Academy buddy of Agent Jones goes missing, Peter and Neal delve into the dangerous world of international private security to find him.

8:30pm Burn Notice
S6 E6: “Shock Wave”
Michael and the CIA get closer to discovering Anson’s location. However, an MI6 agent attempts to put the operation to a stop in favour of bringing Fiona into British custody.

9:30pm Blue Bloods
Idol’s Carrie Underwood stars when one of the Mayor elect’s supporters, who’s also the husband of Erin’s close friend, is found dead in his car.


  1. Californication should be put on One as well somewhere, in double episodes twice a week to catch up to USA. Assuming they still have rights.

    And assuming they still have rights surely 90210 Season 3 at 5pm would rate about the same as Happy days repeat no 299 ?

  2. Glad White Collar is back but I can’t even remember where I was up to with the show, so many changes. I think I’ve actually missed a few episodes along the way.

  3. I wonder if programmers have to try everyway possible for a show to succeed on the main channel as the first option before putting it on the multichannel.

    Eg how many times (I’ve lost count) that Nine has tried scheduling Mike and Molly on Nine before finally putting what looks like new eps on GO!.

  4. Great line up and perfect timeslot for all shows… but too late on all accounts. White collar is mid way through s4 and blue bloods is mid way through s3. Why haven’t these shows been on air all this time? Gave up long ago waiting for these shows.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    And a muted cheer goes up from the exasperated and rightly suspicious crowd…

    White Collar and Blue Bloods have been stuffed around so much that I gave up on them on FTA. I somehow have managed to stick with Burn Notice.

    I’m also wondering when we will get to see new SoA as I have been very good so far and resisted temptation despite having some plot points spoilt.

  6. I guess they figure that White Collar and Burn Notice have such small audiences, and of such demographics that they won’t hurt Glee (and presumably Mr and Mrs Murder).

    There isn’t enough sex in White Collar to cause a complaint. Violence will be a problem, especially guns. With a PG classification Mozzie’s shooting would have looked like — Mozzie standing outside the park [snip] Mozzie wakes up in hospital.

    Or given the shortage of staff and money at Ten they may just skip any episodes with violence.

    Yet another stupid programming decision likely to result in the show being dumped yet again.

  7. I thought White Collar was an M rated show, why is it on at 7:30?

    good, Burn Notice is back on One where it belongs!!

    they should have chosen a different night for White Collar and Blue Bloods like Tuesday or Thursday nights. what about Sons of Anarchy? that usually gets a Wednesday 9:30 timeslot, I’m dying to see Season 4! why is Wednesday night always the night for Drama on One? why doesn’t any other night work? cause there’s nothing that good on Tuesday and Thursdays for me.

  8. Hallelujah! That you TEN for finally getting your act together and scheduling them. Now just leave them alone! As long as they beat NITV they are fine. I gave up on waiting for White Collar but will be watching Burn Notice and Blue Bloods (even though this premiere originally aired in the states in September 2011)

  9. Don’t hold your breath Carole..White Collar is one of our favourite programs too and like you we were disappointed when it was dropped from the Summer Line up. Being a sceptic, I wonder how long the programmers leave it in place. Enjoy while it lasts 😉

  10. carolemorrissey

    Oh my God, thank you for that. Love White Collar & Blue Bloods. Just hope they are not screwing with us again like last year bringing back White Collar for 1 ep then taking it off. Especially after having promos about it being part of their summer line up. Not going to get too excited till it actually happens.

  11. I wonder if they could possibly keep Burn Notice on the same channel for a whole season, just for laughs?

    Let alone play a whole season from beginning to end.

  12. TasTVcameraman

    About time, let us hope that they stay in those time slots, and they show in sequence. If they keep on showing we may get Series 4 of “White Collar” this year.

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