Bumped: Glee

After its dismal outing this week TEN has no choice but to bump Glee to ELEVEN immediately.

2013-02-22_1441_001 tblOnce the darling of the pop culture world, Glee is getting the multichannel treatment and switching from TEN to ELEVEN.

Against the might of My Kitchen Rules, this week the show rated a dismal 269,000. That made life nigh on impossible for new local series Mr. & Mrs Murder. Given the dire lead-in, its lift to 782,000 was extraordinary.

While numbers for Glee have also dropped in the US, the Australian audience has deserted it in droves -but they have also played weeks after their US transmission.

Moving Glee in only the third week of ratings comes despite TEN Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey talking up scheduling consistency, but the choices for TEN are clear cut: the new local product must be protected at all costs.

Glee will now screen next week at 7:30pm Tuesday on ELEVEN with the episode “Naked” with the men of McKinley shooting a (semi) naked calendar, and Rachel singing Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.” The Office is now out of schedule.

In its place will be more Modern Family repeats, now the network’s equivalent of The Big Bang Theory.

If you didn’t catch it, TEN is also repeating Mr. & Mrs Murder at 4pm Saturday and 10:30pm Sunday.

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  1. That’s really going to be really disappointing for my sister because she loves Glee and the only way she watches it is by me taping it for her because she doesn’t have channel 10 on her tv.
    But it doesn’t disappoint me because I’ve never gotten into the show.

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