“Gatecrashers” bring 2.12m to My Kitchen Rules

2013-02-19_0947My Kitchen Rules scored another killer 2.12m last night dominating everything in its path.

The show eliminated WA contestants Lisa and Candice as it introduced three “gatecrasher” couples who are fast-tracked into the competition to compete against the bottom three teams in more instant restaurants.

Seven network share was 34.8% then Nine 27.4%, ABC 19.7%, TEN 14.3% and SBS 3.8%.

Seven’s other shows were Seven News and Revenge (both 1.3m), Today Tonight (1.1m), Home and Away (977,000), How I Met Your Mother (594,000 / 416,000), Deal or No Deal (519,000). The Mindy Project was 195,000.

Nine News won its timeslot with 1.34m viewers then The Big Bang Theory (1.14m / 952,000), The Block (1.08m), ACA (1.07m), Hot Seat (678,000) and Person of Interest (546,000 / 363,000).

ABC News (1.03m) topped ABC1 then Australian Story (809,000), Four Corners (753,000), 7:30 (737,000), Media Watch (718,000), Q & A (700,000) and Lateline (315,000).

TEN was unable to rise above TEN News (803,000). MasterChef: The Professionals was 528,000, The Project was 471,000, Can of Worms was 392,000, The Simpsons was 368,000 and Hawaii Five O was just 283,000. Susan Flannery’s exit from The Bold & the Beautiful was 490,000.

SBS has big problems on Mondays with Mythbusters (166,000), World News Australia (162,000), RocKwiz (124,000) and Man vs Wild (120,000).

Joe and Jack on ABC2 led multichannels with 325,000 viewers.

Today: 348,000
Sunrise: 347,000
ABC News Breakfast: 50,000 / 27,000

Monday 18 February 2013


  1. @JoeS

    Spoken exactly like so many Network Ten execs. seem to think, but unfortunately this attitude is not restricted only to the Ten network.

    How insulting it is to us viewers, when all these self centered networks treat us as idiots, but complain and as they claim, if we return in like.

    They seem to steadfastly refuse to accept, that our reactions are a direct of our frustration and not our idiocy.

    I can be of course shot down in flames,

  2. Oh david you so have to put up the youtube clip of last nights Can of worms Dan stealing Tash belling from the news desk while still reading the news! Hilarious
    For people who didn’t see it check this out

  3. Watched MKR and recorded MCP … MCP seems to be getting better and better … the laksa test was quite enjoyable and the country challenge (yest) was excellent.

  4. Ok so far what i see on Can Of Worms is that it’s rushed, They have the same guests on, julie has been on the show 3 times now! They are asking questions already asked in previous seasons, ” is it ok to call someone a bogan”. The guests are boring bar last nights rebel. Also they ask all week to get facebook questions in and then the last 5 secs they say 1 of them and get a 2 sec answer then off.

  5. My vote for CoW for 9.30 Wednesday too. I miss it because it gets lost too many other shows on Monday.

    Then follow with the 10 news with Sandra Sully. Oh for the good old days!

  6. @ Jezza. The current season won’t be the last unless the March-May stretch regularly pulls 1.5 or less. Currently it is still relatively safe for renewal.

    Whilst I’m sure the ratings decline for both it and OUAT has a little to do with the creative side, much more of it can be attributed to ABC’s scheduling and their insistence at pitting them against heavy women drawing award shows like the Globes and Grammys.

    I don’t expect the ratings for either show to hit the highs of their fall season, but I would expect an up-tick or at worst a stabilisation of ratings in the Mar-May sector.

  7. @ Deedeedragons

    The same people watching MKR in their thousands will just keep on watching Revenge…honestly, I sometimes think people don’t know how a TV remote works and they just stick to the channel the TV was on when they bought it.

  8. With can of worms the guests really need to have the wow factor to make the episode successful. Last night the guests were “perfectly fine” but nothing special and struggled to keep my attention.

  9. I recorded and watched my last ep of MKR last night, for me it jumped the shark. What a nasty little format you are, so much bitter and twisted and then when the bitter and twisted get tossed what do you do, you add more bitter and twisted !

    Dear Master Chef, please accept my apologies for straying, it won’t happen again !

  10. @ bye ana

    Yep and The Good Wife battles year in year out to get a decent rating, so the COW idea for the 9.30 slot I think is better than pitting it against rating monsters like Revenge and Big Bang. You are always going to run last but at least do it with some non Australian product if possible to give COW the best chance and 8.30 Monday does not give it a chance at all.

  11. jezza the first original one

    I think the current season of Revenge will be the last, its ratings in the US are declining every week. I will be surprised if it gets renewed. I like it but it would have been better as a soapie called Hamptons or something similar with a revenge theme as the revenge aspect is always gonna run out of steam quickly…

  12. @ John Jackson – I’ve read that the original purpose of MKR was to cannibalise the food show market and dilute Masterchef’s dominance. That it has done it so successfully to the point of becoming the dominant is a big feather in Ch7’s cap, especially bas the format was created inhouse, not adapted from another country.

    One Masterchef problem that MKR has highlighted (and rectified) is getting to know the contestants. We’ve been following Nathan on Masterchef as he comes from a local restaurant but up until Sunday night, he was all but invisible. At least each couple get time to shine in MKR.

  13. Secret Squirrel

    Person of Interest will pick up more in the +7’s but it would benefit from starting later like last week. That way people can watch the end of Revenge and switch over.

    @John Jackson – “Why is that?”
    It’s because it’s not MC but MCP. Most people watch these shows for the drama not the cooking, hence the numbers for MKR. I’m pretty confident that when the original MC returns it’ll do decent numbers again.

  14. If prime Time starts after 6pm, that means that 2 out of the top 3 ratings shows on TEN yesterday were out of Prime Time. Tens news and Bold and the Beautiful. I liked Tens line up of MC, Can of worms and Hawaii five-o.I am worried that if Tens rating continue as they are we could see the network fold. This would be a damn shame as they are different to 7 and 9 who might as well be twins.

  15. David,it doesn’t pertain to this breakdown of the day’s ratings,but wondered if you’ve given much thought to and had an opinion on the reality show airing the Reeva Steenkamp episode right after her murder.It’s not really similar, but on The Block,they show one of the guys continuing on after learning his wife has cancer.Sorta disquieting when “real” reality intrudes on reality shows.

  16. Have never been a big fan of Masterchef. When it first started and there were all these pieces written up saying how its ‘the greatest show ever’ and how everyone loves it, I never understood it. I always would have preferred Big Brother back than Masterchef, and thought a show like Hueys cooking adventures was even better.

    Though now it seems it ‘isn’t the greatest show ever’ anymore, and everybody doesn’t love it anymore. Why is that? I thought so many loved it, and wanted it around forever. I never understood why so many thought it was so great, so I don’t understand why they seem not to like it anymore and would have thought that people would just see My Kitchen Rules as a cheap grab for attention due to all the hoopla for Masterchef.

    Why is it that more people with ratings boxes are watching MKR now, over the ‘most amazing show ever’? Is this a first time they’ve both been on at the same time, and if it is then it seems silly as why cannibalise the audience with two similar genre shows at the same time.

  17. Even though I watch Can of Worms on a regular basis I would not record it as I do with Revenge and Hawaii Five O, but it is up against Four Corners and Q & A also and I see that 7TWO has put in “Mighty Ships” in place of “Heartbeat” of a Monday night with another couple of good shows on after as well.

  18. Again Ten fails on Monday. Can of Worms and Hawaii Five O are not building an audience pitted up against Seven and Nine offerings. One suggestion of a reader last week that COW should be moved to the old Panel slot of 9.30 Wednesdays has merit.

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