Grant Denyer faints on air

Video: Grant Denyer had a turn, literally, on air this morning during a live Sunrise broadcast.

Grant Denyer had a turn, literally, on air this morning during a live Sunrise broadcast.

The weatherman and Bathurst driver was on board a plane with stunt fighter pilot Matt Hall flying at 4Gs when he agreed to push it to an eight G-Force live on air.

Melissa Doyle was very worried, and rightly so….

Source: news.com.au

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  1. CNN’s Jeanne Moos actually did a report on it too: edition.cnn.com/video/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=cnni#/video/world/2013/02/21/tsr-moos-weatherman-black-out.cnn?eref=edition

  2. He came to pretty quickly though after a few seconds. But watching the aircraft fly around like that would make anyone feel faint.

    Kochie and Beretts couldnt watch the footage. It made them queasy watching that aircraft loop around.

  3. Any sympathy for Grant went out the window when he challenged the pilot to intentionally push him to his limits. Grant didn’t have to pass out – he practically asked to when he said he wanted to see how he’d cope at 8G for long period. Idiot.

  4. I wish Grant all the best, and also Mel after Grant even put her in a tailspin, and reckon he now wishes that closest he’d got to 4G’s today, was on his telstra 4G mobile phone network.

    But let’s not miss 2 other more significant milestones we have witnessed on live TV today, one being that a weather presenter was live on TV with a microphone only mm. from his lips, and his lips weren’t moving.

    The second is possibly a little unfair, is how sorry I now feel for his wife, especially any morning he is home in bed, and she wakes up first.

    What next now Grant?, perhaps the astronaut cyclotron launch simulator, I can only imagine him being giddy and experiencing between 4 to 8 G speeds.

  5. @Nathanael – motorsport drivers only have to contend with lateral g-forces (and rarely above 4g). This puts a strain on their neck muscles but not much more unless they crash.

    Doing an inside loop in an aircraft causes your blood to drain from the top of your body and pool in your legs. You lose consciousness due to anoxia (a lack of oxygen) in the brain.

  6. Being an ex Air Force man, I sometimes wonder why TV presenters do these stupid things without the weeks and months of training that the people that do these things have to do beforehand. Oh sorry I forgot TV presenters are invincible !

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