Mr & Mrs Murder tops the night for TEN

2013-02-21_0902The premiere of Mr & Mrs Murder was TEN’s highest rated show for the night with 782,000 viewers.

While it was third in its slot it more than doubled its lacklustre lead-in from Glee (269,000). Reaction to the show on Twitter was also positive, especially towards the two leads, Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart.

But the night again went to Seven.

Seven network shares were 33.3% then Nine 30.5%, ABC 16.6%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 3.9%.

My Kitchen Rules was again #1 with 1.76m viewers for Seven followed by Last Resort (1.13m), Seven News (1.1m), Today Tonight (951,000), Home and Away (919,000), Highway Patrol (594,000), and Deal or no Deal (427,000).

Nine News (1.15m) was best for Nine with The Block (1.04m), ACA (962,000), Movie: The Blind Side (841,000) and Hot Seat (579,000).

On ABC1 it was ABC News (938,000), 7:30 (720,000), Qi (643,000), Mad as Hell (625,000), The Agony of Life (523,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (487,000).

TEN’s other shows were TEN News (661,000), The Project (432,000) and The Good Wife (380,000).

Wildest Latin America was 181,000 for SBS then Tropic of Capricorn, Masters of Money (both 147,000) and World News Australia (127,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 253,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 20 February 2013


  1. carolemorrissey

    How much longer has that bloody MKR got to go? Hopefully it will end soon. I liked Mr & Mrs Murder. I found it funny in places and had a good story line. Lets hope 10 gives it a decent go.

    I had heard, I think it might have been here, that Last Resort got cancelled in the US so didn’t bother with that one. Looks like the majority of people didn’t realise that. I have been caught too many times getting hooked on shows that had been cancelled in the US, and ended with a cliffhanger. So I wasn’t going to fall for that again. I guess that’s one advantage of us not fast tracking some shows. Shows like Revenge, that we know are a huge hit in the US way before we get them, we are months behind, and other shows get fast tracked. I would have rathered ch 7 fast track Revenge over the summer, than Grey’s Anatomy.

  2. Was disappointed with Mr & Mrs Murder, but will give it a few more weeks to improve. For a show attempting to be offbeat, it needed to be either funnier or subtler, most of the gags were like a sledgehammer to the point where I wouldn’t have been surprised if a laugh track suddenly sprung up – this is a joke, you can tell by all the people laughing.

  3. Yes TEN have done a hopeless job of promoting “:Glee” but unless those figures improve (and when Ten start the ratings year with a Xmas episode, the week before-what does one expect that’s a poor programming choice)it will be over to Eleven before we know it.
    “Glee” however is a programme in serious decline.I just hope Fox discontinues it and make season four the last and bolsters up the last 5 or 6 eps into something special. So sad to see a programme on ce so good descend into a nothingless mess. The day that programme started gearing it to the teenagers was the beginning of the end.

  4. I thought the first episode for mr and mrs murder was ok. Theres enough in it for me to watch again next week. I generally find pilots of shows aren’t their best episodes and it takes a few episodes for everything to start to gel and make sense.

  5. To me one of the best things Mr & Mrs M. had going for it was Mr & Mrs Micallef, and what else could we expect, when their talent is so natural, and they retained the personalities that has endeared us to them for so long, Well Done Shaun and kat, and all those associated.
    Can’t wait to see you team up for Ten’s next foray into a Breakfast program.
    Nice to see the comparison between lighthearted Mr. & Mrs M. and the serious Elementary, considering they both use the same principle of assembling all the clues, and then work backwards to the crime.

    Any wonder the networks have trouble picking winners, after reading the comments about the Last Resort, where Australian viewers quote shows that have failed in the US. before us average Ausies, have seen them, but when for example their Gun Totting Culture or any number of other quirky USA traits are raised, how many of those using the USA as our viewing standard, suddenly do a 360 with their opinions of the American perspective.
    I often wonder if many of these viewers actually watch a show for what it is worth, without per-conceived and easily led minds being set before they even see it?, has any one else noticed that very popular show transcend both our cultures?

  6. Really enjoyed M&M M but confused by Andrew Mercado’s comment. Isn’t he the tv expert guy? The Last resort got a lead in of 1.7m and M&M M got a lousy lead in.

    David, when was the last time an audience jumped over 500,000 from the show before it? Has it ever happened?

  7. I really enjoyed Mr and Mrs Murder. Fun and quirky. I particularly liked it when Kat Stewart’s character started purring when she was being cuddled. I’ve never seen that before. I hope it can continue to entertain in such an unexpected way. Will be watching again next week.

  8. I can’t say I’m surprised with Glee’s numbers. Ch10 really scaled back on promoting it. They didn’t even show a promo for this weeks episode after last weeks aired and I saw maybe one ad for it during the week. I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought that they’d abruptly yanked it from the schedule again and didn’t bother tuning in. I almost didn’t. I don’t understand why they’ve stopped showing promos after the episodes, they’re still at least two episodes behind the US, it’s not like they don’t have the material for it. Another baffling move from the brains trust at 10.

  9. Ah, so The Last Resort only ran for 13 eps in the USA. Like 99% of Australians I didn’t know that. The only review I read says – “The show is great, a little mystery, some action. I only wish that they wouldn’t have this show on at the same time as The Big Bang Theory and 2.5 Men. Those shows are going to kill the ratings to this show. Why would they want to compete with these shows that have been the top shows for some time.”
    And that’s what it’s all about – what’s on the other channels? That’s TEN’s problem. Not necessarily that TEN’s content is crap, but ABC, 7 & 9 just have something more attractive.

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