Seven’s very own Ex-Factor

2013-02-22_0140The latest to be the subject of X Factor rumours is Guy Sebastian, now tipped to be an unlikely return to the judging desk (that just leaves Ronan Keating as the last cab off the speculation rank).

Yesterday it was confirmed Mel B signed with America’s Got Talent, throwing her continuation with Seven in doubt.

Today the Daily Telegraph reports Sebastian’s music commitments may mean he is another to check out.

“He’s the best artist (Australia) has – that’s clear as day,” a source told the newspaper. “He’s got this massive tour, the album is still new and then there’s America. At the moment he definitely isn’t on board (with X Factor). He’s done three years and that’s plenty.”

The show looks set to undergo its biggest shake-up in years.

Dannii Minogue would be an obvious female choice if schedules permit. Tina Arena could also be a fantastic mentor. Or maybe even Deni Hines could turn on some TV fireworks in an attempt to rebuild her brand.

Meanwhile how does Mel B’s new gig affect Dancing with the Stars? Given the role is largely a supporting role it seems increasingly unlikely she would be available or travel so far each week.


  1. @ Jonasboi, you seriously think Anthony Callea and Marina Prior are more successful than Guy Sebastian? Bizarre comment.
    As for Shannon Noll on x factor, well i think he should just stick to Target ads.

  2. perhaps they should do what the UK did and get a younger emerging artist to judge, (cheryl cole, tulisa being examples), timomatic perhaps?
    oh, and assuming Mel B’s staying, Jess Mauboy would be a great replacement for an increasingly irrelevant Nat Bass. Roman still sells out arenas in the UK, Guy could possibly crack the US and Mel B owned the Olympics Closing Ceremony with the Spice Girls. Bass couldnt even get her last single into the local top 100!

  3. They had the same story last year, that Guy was going to concentrate on breaking into the American music scene and he ended up being on X Factor anyway.

  4. I agree, Guy is the best artist in Australia. Gotye is a great artist too, he writes incredible songs but doesn’t come close to Guy as a singer. Guy has it all. Bob Dillion is also one of the best artists the world has seen but his singing voice is woeful.

  5. The comment about Guy being the best act in Australia was one person’s opinion, something I believe we are all entitled to have, including sources who supply information to journalists for their speculative articles. And as John Johnson pointed out it was likely meaning chart wise and is probably talking about current Australian success. While of course acts like Gotye and Kylie have had more international success, and Gotye smashed worldwide with one single released in 2011, he has not managed to chart with the singles he has released since, here or overseas. He is likely currently the most successful one hit wonder Australia has ever produced. And while Kylie has an incredible chart history in Australia she has barely done anything at all on our charts in the last few years. A couple of gold singles and an album released last year which spent three weeks in the top 50. Guy in the meantime has had hit after hit since 2009, adding three #1 singles to double his #1 single tally, had the highest selling Aussie artist single in 2009, the second highest in 2010, and highest again last year, and the 2nd highest selling Aussie artist album last year. Now if that is not success, what is?

    jonasboi, what planet are you from that you include Anthony Callea in your list of acts who have had more success than Guy. No Australian Idol contestant has been more successful than Guy. How on earth does Anthony’s 8 platinum and one gold certification compare to Guy’s 42 platinum and three gold. That is comparing 600,000 sales to over 3 million. And those 600,000 sales were all achieved pre 2007. He has done nothing in the charts since.

    As far as the article goes, it is all speculation considering they never spoke to Guy, his manager or X Factor itself.

  6. The judging panels for X Factor all around the world require an even mix of celebrity status and singer! I believe Ricki-Lee Coulter would be a great replacement for Nat as far as Guys replacement is concerned it needs to be someone with Guys edge and youthfulness, maybe an OS artist would have to do! Darren Hayes wouldn’t be too bad! Kylie would be great but not gonna happen! Also Nicole from the pussycat dolls was great on the UK’s

  7. Jc_465 – yes, I know Kylie is quite successful with music, but that was in the past not of recent. Didn’t she announce her departure from music recently?

  8. Gotye just won a Grammy. He’s on the cusp of seriously cracking the lucrative US market – I doubt he will be coming home for 3 months to judge an Australian reality talent show to give someone a prize on a plate he has worked for so many years to achieve himself. Also, he is far too alternative for such a mainstream show.

    Agreed Kylie would be a good choice but she seems to dislike spending anymore time in Australia than is absolutely necessary so again, doubt she would give up 3 months to be on the show.

    Someone big like Lily Allen, Ke$ha, Usher etc would be a better choice.

  9. I’d like to see a local artist take Guy’s place if this is true.

    Also John Jackson – Kylie has sold over 68 million records worldwide, is a Grammy winner, ARIA hall of famer, etc. She can match Guy’s stats any day, and then some. In fact, why not get Kylie and Dannii on the X Factor together this year?

  10. For those questioning the comment about Guy being the best Australian artist. I believe the piece is referring to him in sales and charting performance, not personal preference. For those under a rock a quick gloss over his wikipedia page may help inform.

    Beckala – I believe they have heard of Gotye, but you want to try naming another song other than Somebody That I Used to Know that has hit a chord with the public?

    jonasboi – Anthony Callea, Marina Prior, Kasey Chambers, Kylie, Gotye may all be good artists in their own right but they do not match up to these stats – Guy is the only Australian male artist in Australian chart history to achieve six number one singles, and he is third overall for all Australian acts. Six of his singles gained multi-platinum certification, including the 8× platinum “Battle Scars” and three others certified 4× platinum. One of these, his debut single “Angels Brought Me Here”, was the highest selling song in Australia last decade.

  11. I like Guy, and I can see why he would want to move on.

    I think DWTS is in doubt as I remember seeing Daniel McPherson reply to a tweet that he isn’t coming back to Australia anytime soon. He seems to want to stay in the US.

  12. Guy Sebastian is the best artist we have?

    Kylie, Gotye, Anthony Callea, Marina Prior, Casy Chambers, there is an end list of amazing Australian artists who are much bigger and successful than Guy.

    replace him with Shannon Noll, which would be extremely ironic and the second time Noll has came second behind Guy.

  13. 7 won’t let X Factor die, the banter between the recent judges made the show entertaining especially when talent wasn’t!
    I won’t tune in again as the “winners” in the last 2 years weren’t deserving or as good as others in my opinion!

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