Sharon Osbourne for Australia’s Got Talent?

2013-02-07_1646News Limited is reporting Sharon Osbourne will join the judging panel of Australia’s Got Talent.

Osbourne previously appeared on both The X Factor (UK) and America’s Got Talent.

Nine is not confirming any names, but has previously told TV Tonight it may settle on 1 or 2 international names amongst its 3 judges.

Others said to be under consideration are Lily Allen, Victoria Beckham and Aussie Sophie Monk.

The outspoken Osbourne, frequently at odds with former AGT judge Dannii Minogue, currently appears on CBS chat show The Talk which has aired in Australia on TEN. Its US seasons begin in September suggesting that any Australian commitments would need to wrap before then.

Auditions for the show begin in March meaning a host announcement will be likely soon.


  1. Why is Sharon Osbourne coming here? She hates Australians. She thinks we are all “smug” (her words, not mine).

    Remember Sharon on Celebrity Apprentice, when she revealed why she hated Curtis Stone. A large part of it was because – (again, her words) – because he was Australian. And then she continued saying “They’re all so mug”.

    Here is a report from the time:

    Let’s now see if anyone has the guts to ask her about this, or if it will be the same bland sycophantic junk that is dished up as celeb journalism these days.

  2. I doubt 9 could afford Victoria Beckham or Lily Allen – they are huge names that would not come cheap. Lily Allen would be more suited to taking Delta’s role on The Voice anyway.

    I bet Tom Burlinson and Red Simons aren’t expecting the phone to ring.

    Bert Newton would be hilarious as a judge rather than host if his health was up to it.

  3. Do reality shows always need international judges to make them work? Is there no australian talent? For example I like the judges on the voice but there is only one australian judge this year out of four. There should have been at least two. In the case of agt I think the choice of two australian judges and one international judge would be more preferable if they have to go down that route.

  4. Can’t see it happening. Nine couldn’t afford her price and even if they wanted to, she’s probably contracted to The Talk that Ten stupidly took off, when they could’ve put it on Eleven. Plus as family is very important to Sharon, she’d away from hers for too long.

  5. I am with Secret Squirrel. Besides Sharon Osbourne was a really good judge on America’s Got Talent. Not as motherly as marcia Hines but really fair and did say it as it is.

  6. Maev....Sydney thanks to Sharon O…..and Lily has just had a baby I think….also do not think Ms Becks will leave the family behind unless the rumour mill is true about hubby picking a team here….

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