TEN to revive Australian Idol?

2013-02-16_0025Really? Could TEN really be plotting a revival of Australian Idol?

Today there are media reports speculating about that very thing.

News Limited says it is being considered by the network, and quotes Chief Programming Officer Beverley McGarvey:

“Like all networks, we’re always looking at new options and shows,” she said. “Australian Idol is a consideration, as are many, many other things, but it would be wrong to say it will definitely return to TEN.”

Earlier this month TV Tonight asked all the network programmers to pick a former format they would love to revive.

“I think it’s fairly obvious from our crowded schedule that we do miss our Idol days. It was the grandfather of those shows that are doing everywhere right now,” she said.

Idol was such a brand defining show with the Sydney Opera House finales, they were fantastic TV. It was sort of the beginning of Event Television for us.”

But since The Voice has moved in, and X Factor still stands strong, it’s difficult to imagine Idol could still succeed. Nine is also revamping Australia’s Got Talent.

TEN already tried to revamp Young Talent Time but it didn’t take hold.

Meanwhile McGarvey also defended MasterChef: The Professionals.

“We are very proud of the quality of MasterChef: The Professionals and its celebration of food and cooking,” she said. “The fact its Sunday night audience is more than one million and its series average audience is 900,000 shows it is resonating with a lot of viewers.”


  1. Seeing as Ten bought the US version off Fox8 at the start of the year, I would have thought making a local Idol version was always on the cards for 2013.

    They’ll do it – because they have to.

    Will it work? You’d think they’d be happy with an avg of 800k…which could happen.

  2. Well, the Big Brother comeback worked. If Idol was done right, it could work.

    But surely there’s better options. 10 should go back to targetting their core younger demo.

    How about shows about things that interest young people?

    Facebook? Music festivals? Video games?

    How about a knockoff of MKR – but with bars instead? My Pub Rules?

  3. Start Scene: Ch 10 Programming meeting:

    Oh oh pick me! Pick me!

    I know what – lets do a derivative formulaic reality show just like we did all through 2012 and try to spin it as “hip” and “new”- that worked out really well for us didn’t it?

    Definition of insanity: repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  4. @ David Knox February 16, 2013 at 10:35 am –
    TasTVcameraman: Like 4:30 News?
    I only came to check this story out because of the amount of posts it attracted…
    This post of yours made me laugh out really loud!

  5. Jennome

    Tens biggest problems that must be decided internally first, are to thrash out what are the true intentions of only a few major share holders, which on the surface seems to indicate, three alternatives one is political propaganda, another is profit and prosper, third and most sinister is to set up a buy out, at the cheapest cost?
    As for the target demographics, young and impressionable with a must have now and always the latest technology attitude, suit both political and advertisers, where the mature demographic are less easily fooled by both, but prefer consistency and continuity of programs and series, and Ten have to decide if they target the younger demo. only, or chose a mix of demo’s with targeted days and time of day hours during those days?, by giving a good alternative for the dull repeat nights that occur each week.

  6. @ilovetv
    They should get hold of the CA rights under Sevens former person James Warburton which knows all the tricks. If they don’t get hold of it their best bet is the Tennis Australia. They need to take more risks at major sporting codes besides ARU which is a major sport

  7. oztvheritage, the market that has grown up with TEN are now in their 60s and 70s – a group which is totally ignored by the commerial channels, yet they’re far more likely to watch TV rather than be distracted by all the modern gizmos now available to younger people.

    Maybe they should go for the more mature audience, i.e. baby boomers, who by and large have plenty of money to spend with their advertisers.

  8. Please don’t.

    10 need to do a late night talk show with Micallef (great idea who ever suggested it)

    Other Ideas they could do include
    Create a local Aussie sitcom. We need another Hey Dad or Accropous Now.
    Get hold of a major sport’s broadcasting rights.
    Get a morning show that is watchable and is dramatically different from Today and Sunrise (some hard hitting news to contrast to Sunrise and Today)
    Bring back Thank God Your Here.
    Hit refresh and re launch the 10 brand.
    ( as James 23 said) take a risk and create a completely new reality or game show format.

  9. That would be a bad idea. We hardly have enough talent to source 2.5 singing contests.

    I don’t think SYTYCD will rate much better, but it’s something different from everything else that is out there. Might be good instead of MC:P, with MC:P moving to end of year.

  10. Is it coincidence that so many reality shows from the kitchen to the stage, have contestants with troubled life histories, does the reality format attract them or does their history ensure them becoming contestants on reality shows.

    I wonder which is the attractant for 10, looking at its recent history

  11. I’d bring back SYTYCD Australia, put it on Sunday nights, 7:30PM from Feb – May, results on Monday night, 7:30PM. Get someone young, pretty, likeable and female to host it, someone who can warm to the viewing audience and has a personality (so no Sarah Murdochs or Jennifer Hawkinses).

    Might get a million or so viewers, better than nothing!

    Idol will struggle with so many singing talent shows on air, unless the judging panel is top class (no few-hit local acts like your Guy Sebastians or Natalie Bassingthwaights), either Australian legends like Farnham or Barnesy, plus bring back Dicko and get 1 or 2 big name international acts that are still relevant (so no-one like Seal or Ricky Martin).

    All this will cost a heap of money, but that’s what they need to do if they want to make it work again.

  12. People are saying ten need to be fresh. They went fresh in 2012 and everything bombed. Shire dance now. Will Survive. They will not risk that again. And they are now back focusing on the market that has grown up with them. Hence now over 35s. Given teens and 20s are not into tv anymore. Idol is a wider audience than X factor But maybe money could be better spent on Shaun M. Tonight show and some major sports rights.

  13. It wouldn’t matter what shows Ten attempts to introduce and/or revive, they’ll make a meal of anyway.
    One only has to read David’s piece and take note of Chief Programme Officer Beverly McGarvey’s talking up of MCP, that clearly proves she is in complete denial about it’s disappointing performance.
    She may be proud of it and it’s ratings may be hovering around 900,000 for the series, but take out those first three episodes and the average drops to 700,000.
    Meanwhile MKR averages 1,881,000. Now that’s what I call resonating with a lot of viewers.

  14. I wish Ten would bring back so you think you can dance oz! It was a brilliant show with some awesome talent until ten destroyed it by moving it to wed and thur nights!!

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