Airdate: Ask the Butcher

Meet Anthony Puharich, the man who supplies some of Australia's best restaurants with choice cuts.

LF_AskTheButcher_25238_FXTL_NickWilson2012The newest local addition to the LifeStyle suite, Ask the Butcher with Anthony Puharich, begins later this month.

Puharich runs meat boutique, Victor Churchill, supplying some of Australia’s best restaurants with choice cuts.

When Anthony was a young boy, he spent countless hours with his father, Vic, one of Australia’s leading butchers – learning how to work with, cook and respect all varieties of meat. 20-years later, Anthony, along with his father have grown Vic’s Premium Quality Meats from a retail shop in Sydney, to an international meat wholesaler.

Ask the Butcher will take you behind the farm gate, in to the deep freezer and on to the hot grill, to learn anything you could possibly want to know about meat.

Each week, Anthony and his team will explain individual cuts of meats and take you through the ageing process at his famous – and one of the world’s coolest – butchers shops, Victor Churchill. And beef, lamb, pork, cured meats, poultry and game will all be on the menu.

From the grain-fed beef at Rangers Valley in New South Wales; the veal farmers at the idyllic White Rocks property in Western Australia; venison in New Zealand; rare breed pig farmers in Victoria; milk-fed lamb on Flinders Island and finally, Japan to the national Wagyu show – a world never seen before.

Anthony will visit the kitchens and cook with some of Australia’s top chefs including Matt Moran, Shannon Bennett, Peter Gilmore, Dan Hong, Kylie Kwong and Neil Perry, as well as explore cooking at home and how best to utilise the meats readily available at your local butchers.

No steak will be left unturned as Anthony educates and entertains with his laid-back, rock and roll approach to all things carnivorous.

Tuesday, March 26 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle FOOD.

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