Melbourne mad for Ellen

Big crowds turned out to greet Ellen DeGeneres today in Melbourne.

2013-03-28_14533500 fans watched Ellen’s Melbourne event at Birrarung Marr this morning, with thousands more watching on big screens nearby under a perfect blue sky.

DeGeneres didn’t make it on stage until midday but fans still went wild.

“We have done a few outdoor shows – we did one with Beyonce in Central Park. We have had more people here then Central Park, more than Sydney – I love you all,” she said.

“The outpouring of support for our show here has been unbelievable,” she said.

“My favourite thing about Melbourne is the people, they have been amazing.”

“Melbourne has made me so proud,” Portia De Rossi told the crowd.

There were two stages set up, one a viewing platform for the people who missed out on getting into the main area.

“It’s shaping up to be a special day in Melbourne. I’ve been waiting my whole life to be here. I’m so glad you can be a part of it,” she tweeted.

“Let’s do this, Melbourne! Fun, games, surprises, cash, I guarantee it’s gonna be better than your average Tuesday.”

Ellen’s mother Betty made an appearance, Jessica Mauboy again played “Finish the Lyric” and there was a male underwear contest.

Yesterday Ellen made an unannounced visit to Melbourne Girls Grammar, Portia’s former school, filming classroom segments for her show.

A 10 year old from the school sang on stage and was told Ellen would fly her to her US show.

Tonight Tracy Grimshaw interviews Ellen & Portia live on A Current Affair.

This post updates.

Source: Herald Sun
Photo: ellentv.com

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  1. I’ve seen you screaming from time to time on your site about other outlets pinching your content and not crediting you. The photo in this post was taken by me as en employee of FOX FM and for use by FOX FM and its affiliates (posted here on Facebook: on.fb.me/YTdBoG and here on Twitter: bit.ly/15Tohbd) but you’ve grabbed it and used it without attribution – you’ve even cropped the FOX logo out. I honestly don’t care that my pics are used elsewhere, but it seems a contradiction for someone who requests attribution to then not credit pinched content, and in fact crop out a logo to stop attribution. None of this takes away from the fact I enjoy your site very much, David!

    1. There were heaps of photos being retweeted yesterday (all in the public domain) and I’m not sure if the one I used came from your acct or somebody else who had re-tweeted it. But clearly you took it first so I understand the angst. There was no conscious effort to drop the FOX logo, but I do resize photos for the site. If I click on one of your links the logo is hidden behind a black bar on my screen so that probably explains it. I have certainly screamed on occasions, but so many more (including a recent AAP “story”) I’ve let go through to the keeper. I know Adam Richard has attributed via FOX many times, I wish I could say the same for all Austereo shows.

      Photo has now been replaced, thanks.

  2. I find it very cringy, all these screaming people turning out for an American TV personality – it must have been the whole 148,000 who watch her show here!

    Embarrassing. It makes us look so desperate for overseas stars to grace us with their presence, however nice Ellen may be. And I quite like her, but would never turn out in person for a glimpse of her royal presence.

  3. I was over at the second ‘spill over’ viewing area after just missing out getting into the actual show. We had queued for about two hours and was told that they’d let in about 5,000 to see the show (more than they’d initially planned). I’d say another 2,000 were watching from the second area.

    Ellen was a true superstar though.. she came over with Portia, plus most of her show’s entourage, to speak to the spill over crowd after the show, acknowledging the efforts of the crowd to see her and reiterating how much fun she’s having here.

    Was a great morning.. well worth the effort of getting there.. and worked out better than getting into the show itself.

  4. its a shame birrarung marr looks out to all those ugly 80’s buildings, the sidney myer music bowl overlooking southbank would have been much better.
    but ellens melbourne set looks much better than the sydney one.

    are you sure there was an 11am scheduled start? the tweet said get there 11am for good seats, i would have assumed it wouldn’t have started for a while after that.

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