‘Neighbours explosion’ goes primetime in UK

A Neighbours storyline involving a perilous explosion is getting a primetime screening in the UK.

The episode, which aired earlier this month in Australia on ELEVEN, will air in the UK on Five as a double episode from 10pm – 11pm on Tuesday April 16, in addition to its two daily screenings at 1:45pm and 5:30pm.

It’s a rare move for Five to give the soap a primetime screening.

It has also produced a very cool promo featuring Ryan Moloney. This was made in January when he appeared on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother.


  1. Agree the promo is better than the explosion itself – it did look a bit cheap and it was missing a lot of characters.

    I still reckon Ten need to give it a go. Yeah it’s been revamped a million times but it’s pretty good at the moment. H&A is the same – it goes up and down – but it’s on a roll at present.

  2. squareyes if ten cared about promoting neighbours, it wouldn’t have been moved to 11 in the first place. i don’t mind the show but it was moved because the ratings were extremely low and this is probably the 30th or so attempt made to ‘revitalize” the show because of low viewers. if it weren’t for local content laws and the deal with the UK it probably wouldn’t be on the air

  3. Hmmm… Not sure David. LOL
    I think the lack of publicity by TEN, when the producers are obviously trying to revitalise the show, is crazy and unfair.
    This example just reinforces the point you made recently.

  4. This promo is better produced and more entertaining than the actual ‘explosion’ episode, which isn’t surprising, they probably had a bigger budget.
    As long as Neighbours screens against The Project, I can’t see TEN going out of their way to promote anything that happens on it, which is a shame.
    Maybe it’s time to move Neighbours to 6.00 ?

  5. I just got back from the UK on Friday and saw this promo earlier in the week, very impressive. Channel 5 treat Neighbours with respect, two airings a day on 5 and another two on 5+1 and then shown later on 5*.
    Here we are lucky to even see a promo for it on the main channel.

  6. Very slick promo – agree – what a shame it didn’t run over here. Feel a bit sorry for Neighbours, its quality has improved but nobody seems to be noticing it over on Eleven. Time for Ten to take it back.

  7. TasTVcameraman

    Looks like Channel Five does better promos than ELEVEN, and things like that could have been screened on TEN and ONE as cross promotion.

  8. Andrew Robinson

    Good write-up David. It’s great that you are reporting this. Certainly a big opportunity for Neighbours here in the UK & I agree that promo is very cool. 🙂

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