Parade’s End sinks on Nine

Ratings: Parade's End had a dismal first outing on Nine last night as Seven again won the night.

2013-01-12_2046Parade’s End had a dismal first outing on Nine last night, averaging just 453,000 viewers for its first hour -fourth in its timeslot.

The night again belonged to Seven with network shares at 32.9% then Nine 27.3%, ABC19.1%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 5.2%.

MKR at #1 with 1.75m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.13m), Today Tonight (962,000), Home and Away (901,000), Last Resort (771,000 / 526,000) and Deal Or No Deal (431,000).

The Block (1.29m) led Nine as former contestant Dale joined the fray then Nine News (1.2m), A Current Affair (964,000), Hot Property (685,000), Hot Seat (624,000) and Parade’s End (453,000 / 322,000).

ABC News (960,000) was best on ABC1 then Qi (759,000), 7:30 (691,000), The Agony of Life (688,000), Mad as Hell (623,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (521,000).

TEN News was 657,000 on TEN then Mr & Mrs Murder (598,000), Modern Family (456,000 / 357,000), The Project (404,000), The Simpsons (329,000) and The Good Wife (326,000).

On SBS ONE it was Wildest Latin America (233,000), Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission (185,000), Sandy: The Anatomy of a Superstorm (184,000) and World News Australia (167,000).

ABC2’s Peppa Pig (283,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 March 2013


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  1. Parade’s End was never going to work on Nine, we all knew it, probably even Nine knew it. Now, as I suspected from the moment they announced it, it will be shunted off to late nights, or to Gem, or they might even try to sell it to the ABC again (and for significantly less than they tried to before, I’d imagine).

    And when will they learn that double (and in some cases triple) episodes just don’t work? Calling them ‘Feature-length episodes’ or ‘Movie-length events’ fools no-one and puts off many casual viewers who don’t want to invest that amount of time (or space on their PVR) in any one evening.

  2. God bring on the biggest loser!! Ten need it to pull good numbers or they are really stuffed. I think it will pull good figures and it should be a good season by the looks of it.

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