The sweet spot for Kat Stewart

With 2 primetime dramas, life doesn't get much better for actress Kat Stewart.

2013-03-14_2251She’s a young mother with two TV drama roles on air this year and critical acclaim for both.

For Kat Stewart, life doesn’t get much better.

But she’s worked hard for her success with roles in Underbelly, Newstopia, Tangle, :30 Seconds, Kick, Last Man Standing and in theatre.

Now as Nicola Charles in TEN’s new drama Mr & Mrs Murder she gets to add Associate Producer to her list of credits.

“It is a first. I’ve really enjoyed being involved from an early stage. With the hours I’m doing it’s really the acting part, but it’s nice to have a little bit more freedom and to be more involved,” she says.

“I haven’t really worked this kind of schedule before. Because it’s such a small core cast the hours are really long, but I’m not complaining.

“I’ve had so many laughs, but the hours have been quite gruelling at times.”

She and co-star Shaun Micallef were keen to work together after their work on SBS news parody Newstopia. It was produced by Jason Stephens, who joined them again for Mr & Mrs Murder.

“I haven’t really worked together on a show where the characters are so pleased to be together and harmonious,” she says.

“The conflict and jeopardy comes from the outside circumstances, and the plot.”

The role of Nicola Charles is in stark contrast to Billie Proudman on Offspring and Nat Manning on Tangle.

“Both characters have a lot of heart, but they antagonise those they love and stir things up. But Nicola is a much gentler character. She’s very kind and thoughtful but also very driven and interested in solving crimes.

“I’m probably channeling my mother!” she laughs.

Having completed work on Mr & Mrs Murder she is now busy with Season Four of Offspring, coming to TEN after Easter.

“I’m in every episode and the scripts are by the same writers. They’re not letting anything get stale.

“I’m so lucky,” she admits.

“Lots of people work hard and don’t get to be as lucky as this, I’m working with terrific producers and casts in jobs I’ve really enjoyed doing.”

Mr & Mrs Murder airs 8:30pm Wednesdays on TEN.

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  1. Don’t be fooled, Foxtel has plenty of money. They are the best funded tv provider in the country. They could certainly make a lot more Australian drama and bring Tangle back, but they prefer to save the cash.

  2. They must have thought there would be another series, series one and two ended in a way that could have been the end of the series-but three threw all the pieces up in the air and screamed the need for a resolution. Surely Foxtel could find the money to do one two hour telemovie final to wrap the series up, its hard for a good series to be judged in years to come when it never properly finishes.

  3. I’ve heard Foxtel are so thrilled with Wentworth they’ve commissioned at least another 10 episodes and possibly more. Depending upon how it’s being funded Foxtel may not have much money left over for any other Australian drama which would be a great shame because the diversity of their choices has lead to series like the much-loved Tangle.

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