UK buys My Kitchen Rules format

Sky Living HD has purchased the format rights to MKR from Seven.

2013-03-01_0057Sky Living HD has purchased the format rights to My Kitchen Rules from Seven.

The Reality series is a Seven-devised format, a revamp of its predecessor, My Restaurant Rules.

The British Pay TV channel also nets the rights to the Australian version to screen in coming months.

The Australian reports the UK version will be hosted by chef and author Lorraine Pascale and produced by Boundless, part of FremantleMedia UK.

Seven’s Head of Production Brad Lyons said, “With My Kitchen Rules, the show is different to the competition because it is real people at home cooking what they want. In the UK Sky Living saw that and recognised that the show operates on a parochial level and fulfils the need to have a point of difference to be a success.”

The local version continues to go gang-busters for Seven and is even knocking over the competition in New Zealand.

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  1. Well done Seven, that is fantastic news for an Aussie show that was developed in-house by the network. I’m sure it will go well on UK television as reality shows do particularly well over there.

  2. Different except for Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me, which has already been globally franchised.

    MKR was a reboot of My Restaurant Rules, which Seven created 5 years before Channel 10 bought the Masterchef Franchise. Seven created MKR after the first season of Masterchef was a hit but the two avoided clashing with each other until Ten put Masterchef Professionals up against MKR, and lost.

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