Airdate: Adam Hills Tonight

Adam Hills returns with his chat show next month, now titled Adam Hills Tonight and a bit of a programme facelift.

Adam Hills 16Adam Hills returns with his chat show next month, now titled Adam Hills Tonight (formerly Gordon Street Tonight), for 12 more episodes.

With that title, I’m thinking hashtag #metonight might be the way to go….

The show has undergone some minor format changes, with Hannah Gadsby still on board now as the first guest each week.

Following his UK talk show, The Last Leg, Hills won the recent Breakthrough Award at the UK’s Broadcasting Press Guild Awards

“I can’t wait to don the suit and tie and get stuck into a brand new season of Adam Hills Tonight,” said Adam. “We’ve given the show a bit of a facelift while it’s been away and hopefully it’ll return looking more like Tom Cruise than Kenny Rogers.

“I’ve already pre-recorded some interviews in London with Jerry Hall and Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs, but by far my favourite was with Michael Parkinson. He sat me down like Yoda with a young Luke Skywalker, and taught me how to become an interviewing Jedi. With a bit of luck, the force will be with me throughout this series.”

Jennifer Collins, Head of ABC Entertainment said, “The last 12 months has been hugely successful for Adam. UK audiences embraced Adam when his late night show The Last Leg aired during the London Paralympic Games. The audience demanded more but fortunately for us, we’ve managed to lure him home for this 12 part series of Adam Hills Tonight.”

8.30pm Wednesdays on ABC1 from May 15.

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  1. I found it strange how much Gordon street was so much more humorous than the last leg. I put it down at first to being Australian, but having lived for 7 years in Britain, I got all the last leg jokes, but it seemed too polished.

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