Dan & Steph win My Kitchen Rules

Photo1 (1) mkrHusband and wife team Dan and Steph Mulheron have won My Kitchen Rules 2013 after an all-Queensland finale.

They scored 54/60 points over rivals Jake and Elle Harrison on 52/60 and pocket $250,000 for their efforts.

Both teams were required to serve up 5 dishes for the 5 judges and former teammates.

Both of their menus – collectively featuring quail, squab, lamb, beef, duck and seafood –  garnered praise from judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, along with guest judges  Guy Grossi, Liz Egan, Karen Martini and Colin Fassnidge.

The episode was full of the show’s trademark tension and near-misses with hurried dishes finished against a ticking clock and cheer squads in the wings.

Dan and Steph said they want to open a gourmet sausage shop, but also plan to start a family with IVF.

“This is the start of our dreams.  Honestly, this is a dream come true.  We can start a family now,” 32 year-old Dan said. “We’re going to teach our kids to work hard.  If you want something, you work hard for it and you’ll get it.

“Tonight without a doubt has been the best night of our lives  . . . without a doubt.”

“Our life and our future has totally changed from this moment,” said Steph, 30. “We’ve won MKR. We can’t believe we just won.”

Brother and sister team Jake and Elle have said they hope to open a late-night supper club in Brisbane’s CBD.

“We’ve made life-long friends throughout this competition and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster.  And if we had to pick a team to lose to, it would be these two next to me,” said Jake.

“It’s such an achievement. We’re the youngest team, but we’ve made it so far,” said Elle.


Dan & Steph


Jake & Elle

“Costa de Sol”

First Course

Scallop Ceviche

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Second Course

Squab with Chestnuts and Redcurrant Sauce

Quail with Figs and Gorgonzola Sauce

Third Course

Deconstructed Fish and Chips

Flathead Sausage with Confit Potato

Rock Lobster with Semolina Wafer Stack

Fourth Course

Lamb Roulade with Smoked Carrots and Mint Pesto

Confit Duck with Artichoke Puree and Balsamic Sauce

Fifth Course

Chocolate Peppermint Delice

Strawberry and Amaretto Semi Freddo


Guy Grossi: 9

Karen Martini: 9

Colin Fassnidge: 9

Liz Egan: 9

Manu Feildel: 9

Pete Evans: 9

Total: 54/60

Guy Grossi: 9

Karen Martini: 8

Colin Fassnidge:8

Liz Egan: 9

Manu Feildel: 9

Pete Evans: 9

Total: 52/60

The fourth season has been a big hit for Seven with bumper ratings and is the biggest success of the the TV year so far in 2013. But it has also come in for its share of criticism, especially in the casting of Asian contestants as series villains.

Seven is already on the hunt for contestants for its fifth season.

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  1. Congratulations to Dan & Steph, both teams really deserved to be there & I hated that one of them had to lose. Wow what fabulous menus…very envious. Also hated that two endings were filmed, what does that say for the credibility of the judges? Did get a bit over the continual reference by Dan to “our dreams” maybe Jake & Elle should have expolited this also. So glad to see so little of Ashlee & Sophia in the grand final……..”Mr J – best cooks? Really. Obviously you did not watch too much of the series. Ashlee & Sophia were so protected and were never really challenged until they hit comeback kitchen. They also mostly cooked simple dishes and their disrespect towards others was disgraceful.

  2. @toomuchtv I totally agree with you. Were they the best cooks or did the producers think their ending looked the best???
    I feel like this show is fast becoming one of the worst kept secrets for ‘scripted reality tv series’.

  3. well done dan and steph fantastic to see them win , the desert was the winner for me it looked amazing . both couples did a fantastic job . great viewing . the ratings were amazing 2.9 million watched the final MKR nationally .indcredible for a cooking show .loved it

  4. @Bogues could not agree more! Thank god Colin and Liz scored the teams differently! Find it a cop out when the judges can’t choose one meal over the other, one has to be better!

    On another note I understand why they film two endings however I think this undermines the credibility of the show. As much as I am happy for Dan and Steph were they actually better cooks on the night or did the producers choose to make them winners based on other criteria??

  5. Thanks for the clarification on the two endings.

    I don’t mind that Dan & Steph won. They were one of the more likeable pairs for the time I did watch. This is not a criticism but I just don’t understand that if you didn’t know the outcome how could you cry so much.

  6. Four out of the six judges scored both teams the same. that is a cop out for the grand final.

    @mark: it was so good not hearing the constant negativity coming from Ashley and Sophia.

  7. timmydownawell

    There’s no way of knowing which of the two endings was the real one. In the other one D&S’s dry sausage might have got a bigger edit whereby they lost by two points. Seven can really do whatever they want with this show.

  8. I was going for Jake & Elle, but the techniques shown by Dan & Steph, especially with lamb roulade and peppermint dessert, showed why they deserved the win. By scoring jake & Elle first despite being team #2 it was kinda obvious they were going to win as they wanted to end on the high of Dan & Steph’s scores. I wish they had explained in the show why they needed the money to start a family, as it wasn’t really clear but IVF is what I thought. It’s been an unforgettable series for reasons both good and bad. Hopefully next year it won’t go on quite as long though 😉

  9. I think Ashlee and Sophia were robbed, they were the best cooks and had heaps of fans, but watching the finale from the start I was very endeared to D&S and was very happy to see them win.

  10. Really enjoyed Dan and Steph all the way through the series, before tonight I would have expected Jake and Elle to have won but Dan and Steph just worked so much better on the night.

  11. @Jason no watched The Voice, I watched the first few episodes of the season and just got bored and didn’t really like hearing that 2 endings were filmed that turned me off aswell.

  12. I stopped watching MKR weeks ago but I did flick it over after the voice and see the last few minutes. Maybe I’m a bit naïve but it looked real with all the crying at the end. Did they really film two endings like I keep hearing?

  13. Who says nice people finish last. Dan and Steph never bitched about other teams, they scored fairly and they deserved to win.

    They were my favorite people from the start.

    Congrats Dan and Steph. You so deserved it. I hope you go on and have your beautiful family you always wanted.

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