Adam Boland teases on new breakfast project

TEN Adam Boland 1On the weekend TEN’s Director of Morning Television Adam Boland spoke to Fairfax about his upcoming plans for a new breakfast TV show.

The former Sunrise guru is understood to have been given free rein to create his next project with no pressure on deadlines.

Boland acknowledges the big ask taking on his former show and Nine’s Today, but is relishing the chance to draft a format from scratch.

“When you see the concepts, I absolutely will deliver on the promise to be different and reflect society in 2013 … If I can’t do that, well, they can laugh me out of town,” he said.

“Most of all it’s just a super-cool challenge for me – this is the happiest I’ve been professionally in a while.”

Boland took Sunrise to an unassailable position during his time at Seven but his final years were creatively frustrating.

”If I can replicate even some of that success I’ll be happy. I’m not building up expectations; these are tough competitors and I know them well, but at the same time I’m pretty tough and I back myself that if I can build the right team and make the right show, this will shake things up. I do see this as a new beginning for TEN…… it’s a happy and exciting place to be.”

You can be certain the show will tap into social media but just how it does this beyond the usual isn’t yet clear.

”A lot of speculation has been way off the mark but I strongly suspect there will be an element of shock with some of the stuff. There are still the basic rules of breakfast … like the news updates every half-hour. We won’t rewrite the basic rules but how we present the show will be completely different.”

Despite the horrendous hours, there’s no shortage of names to be considered.

Dare we name the new project Good Morning Australia?


  1. Well said all you ppl above. David, you obviously realise how much The Circle is missed so here’s hoping Adam sees it the same way. I did not know the show was coming out of Sydney, so there’s a challenge already. What I’m sure of though is that there would be many who could fill the hosting roles. Just hoping one or two ‘old faves’ may be in the running. That would be fabulous :).

  2. As it’ll take 3-5 years to turn 10’s fortunes around, a 2 or 3 hour breakfast show that’d actually rate for Ten will be challenging, since they opted to go for cheap cartoons for almost 30 years and people are stubborn in their viewing habits.

    Unlike the previous disastrous attempt, it’d need to be on 7 days a week.

    The Circle was ruined by all the crap advertorials it had, leaving only about 30-40 minutes of stuff to see, so it should’ve been done as a 1 hour show only.

  3. ‘Dare we name the new project ‘The Circle?’ Logie winning ‘The Circle’ was axed before its time. Everyone knows that other Channel 10 morning show should’ve gone instead. Can’t even remember its name. Chrissie Swan, Gorgi Coghlan, Yumi Stynes, Denise Drysdale, Colin Lane, Meshel Laurie – any of them back on our morning TV would be an asset. Get with the program Adam.

    • Pleas for former Circle talent are overlooking some crucial stuff: that they are largely Melbourne based and the show will be in Sydney (Stynes is the exception). It’s also crucial that Adam makes his own mark with a new show rather than cloning someone else’s. But maybe there’s room for some favourites to be regulars.

  4. Miss CiCi Lee

    Bring back The Circle or something like it i loved watching it in the mornings it was fun & felt like i was sitting down catching up with mates so please bring The Circle back or something very similar to it =)

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