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It's not often SBS changes its schedule in the same way that commercial networks do....

2013-04-14_2323It’s not often SBS changes its schedule in the same way that commercial networks do but SBS has moved Urban Secrets, hosted by Alan Cumming, from Friday nights to 5:35pm Saturdays from this weekend.

It will be replaced by repeats of Coast.

“Urban Secrets: London”
Alan Cumming discovers more little-known facts on a journey between Smithfields and Spitalfields, two of London’s most famous markets. Alan begins with a fry-up breakfast before visiting the remains of a Roman amphitheatre and
investigating a mysterious secret in a Liverpool Street hotel, as well as meeting former EastEnders star Larry Lamb.

David Knox blogs Eurovision for SBS.

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  1. Thank you for this update David. I’ll just say when I was watching TV at 7.30pm this show lured me from watching the ABC. Because I did like Who’s Been Sleeping in My House?

    On something unrelated I have noticed the “now” and “next” idea on SBS. I’m glad they made it lighter. But warn television is encouraging people to avoid the ads when they announce the “next” show during the previous show. And I thought the point of television was to have more people watch the ads rather than avoid them? Just like those pop-ups on the ABC. I just don’t get the logic of television stations these days.

  2. And re SBS….wonder if they are ever going to get around to showing season three of Doc Martin France…
    I did email them when they changed SBS2…they said it was not in their immediate future?!?

  3. Ph, haven’t you noticed SBS One get a lot more serious since SBS2 was relaunched? I have & it’s a good thing. I also noticed you listed all the programs they *are* showing, but didn’t name any they should. For me (& I suspect most other people), I don’t discover foreign language programming until SBS air it… No matter how old they are.

  4. I guess that even SBS have to pay some attention to the ratings!

    It’s a shame this show has been shunted to another spot, but at least it is still being shown.

    Personally, and I realise I may be in a tiny minority here, I find Alan Cumming to be the weakest aspect of this show. The concept is great, and the subjects usually both entertaining and interesting, but I can’t tell if Alan is genuinely overly enthusiastic about what he sees, or is doing a bit of a Louis Theroux schtick and laughing at the characters he meets.

  5. Have been enjoying this show. SBS1 is slowly losing me as a viewer. Have watched less and less on the new SBS2, not in the demographic now it would appear. They take too long with shows like Borgen, Spiral S4 and The Killing S3.There is so much great content out there that they could be showing on SBS1.

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