Gone: The Kath and Kim Kountdown

Clip special dumped from Seven's Sunday night line-up after just one outing.

2013-05-20_1623Clip special  The Kath and Kim Kountdown has been dumped from Seven’s Sunday night line-up after just one outing.

The show, which pulled just 678,000 viewers, has been replaced by factuals Border Security and The Force.

Seven is already feeling the ratings heat after disappointing numbers for Celebrity Splash and House Rules, it doesn’t need a third to add to its woes. Don’t be surprised if it resurfaces in summer….

Meanwhile Seven has confirmed 75 minute episodes of House Rules for next week. So while the show underperformed it will now be pushing Revenge and Packed to the Rafters back to 8:45pm starts.

Interesting times in TV land…

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  1. 75 min eps of House Rules is just too much fluff. We watched the house reveal last night and realised this format sucks. Whereas the block has one couple doing a makeover on a whole unit, thus giving some consistency to the whole floor, having separate couples renovating different parts of the one house can only lead to disappointment and inconsistency. While some rooms were okay, even good, some were just plain shoddy and shabby. The owners of the guinea pig house renovated first last night will be shitty when they see the progression in taste, workmanship, cooperation and consistency that the final house will undoubtedly show.

    When Masterchef starts next week, we’ll be watching that instead.

  2. @ Russell.

    ‘Worst shape in 10 years’.
    Seven are up in every demo year on year and we know that in 2012 they had a phenomenal start. Where do your stats come from?

    1. I don’t concur with “worst shape in 10 years” however as of last Sunday, Nine network is in front of Seven network in 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos. Seven network in front on Total People and weeks won. The Y-O-Y argument is a different one.

  3. I quite enjoyed the actual Kath & Kim bits, it really was a clever show – but all those so-called celebrities adding their bits was soooo cringe-worthy. What were they thinking, including all that crap?

  4. Seven is in the worst shape in 10 years or so. Cracks are appearing fast.

    Nine is #1 in 25-54 for the year (Seven’s target demo they sell advertising based on) and in fact all 3 demos.

  5. you know channel 7 is losing it when they put crap on like kath & kim probably the crappiest show Australia ever made,channel 7 is going down hill the only shows that are keeping them alive is revenge and mrs brown boys

  6. According to on-line guides, House Rules is running for 75 mins tonight which prob means that Revenge will start after 8:50pm. Pretty sure it was about that time last week, too.

  7. Seven are scrambling and finding a filler for the crap they have shown. 75 mins of house rules are they serious? I know for certain this house won’t be watching, the narrator bores me to tears

  8. Seven basically existed on this sort of cynical rubbish back in the 90s – clip specials where someone like Dieter Brummer would pop up to give you his thoughts about Babe or ABBA (who were popular before any of the Home and Away kids commenting about them were born). Irrelevance and desperation were the hallmarks of so much of this programming. Please God let’s not go back there.

  9. Why advertise it and then pull it? At least go thru with it and make up for a poor choice later.. this was up against eurovision after all..
    I hope this wasn’t a Test to see how a new season would rate

  10. Bugger, I actually didn’t mind this last night. I hope they can find another slot to air the remaining episodes.

    Will they still go ahead with airing the movie Kath & Kimderella?

  11. lol @ David, i was thinking the same thing re 20 to 1 🙂 I thought it looked like a one off special, can’t believe they actually thought people would watch more than one when it was so very badly done. I wonder if the purpose was ratings or are there some plans to make another K&K series for 7 & this is being used to re-ignite interest in it?

  12. From all over the ratings …to just cannot seem to get it right….what a difference a day makes in TV land…..
    Encore of House Rules all afternoon today…first on 7TWO…then straight after on 7MATE….

  13. Please, I could have told them that 10 year old reruns of Kath and Kim were not going to rate. What on earth were they thinking? This is not primetime Sunday scheduling in ratings season. This is digital channel stuff at best.
    And now they are flogging more of the the dead horse which is House Rules and annoying viewers of their higher rating shows in the progress. That is so Channel Nine circa 2007-2011.

  14. It was pretty cringe-worthy, not the klips themselves just the “celebrities” quoting the same lines over and over and doing their ‘impressions’- aghh omg sooo annoying- Would have been much happier to watch a couple of episodes by themselves,

    1. As I noted in my review, the celebs added nothing. The structure of the countdown was all over the shop. Made me realise how crystal clear 20 to 1 was -and that’s saying something.

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