Kath & Kim Sunday May 19: “Save the Date poiples.”

Video: Kath and Kim are 'returning', and there are celebrity pals in the revamped title sequence.

“Sunday May 19 2013. Save the Date poiples.”

So says a new Kath & Kim teaser video, which inserts a host of celebrity faces in Fountain Lakes attire into the title sequence.

The teaser indicates we’re getting “Weddings, Parties & Tizzy Things” from our favourite ladies, which are Specials.

In February Seven programmer Angus Ross told TV Tonight, “They are shooting a lot of new stuff for their specials.”

It’s not clear how much was filmed before Gina Riley began treatment for breast cancer, announced in March, but fans will no doubt be understanding regardless.

As this clip shows, they still have lots to laugh about.

For maximum surprises, view the clip before you read Comments.

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  1. I picked up some celebrities but its hard to tell when they are dressed so different? The ones I got were Manu, Rebecca Gibney, Jimeon, Alex Perry, Julie Goodwin.

    Who are
    1. The guy in the blue frilly pants walking behind Rebecca Gibney (hard to see in background). Looks like Jason Coleman?
    2. The lady in the red scarf with black outfit.
    3. The man with the pink headband and short shorts.
    4. The guy in the bad shirt holding the brown ornament.
    5. The guy standing next to jimeon. Looks like vince colossimo?

  2. Been hoping they’d do something new, they could have so much fun with Magda’s character now she’s lost weight.. ie Sharon getting confidence, dating good looking guys making Kim jealous

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