Farewell to Parks and Recreation

After 7 seasons, it's farewell to the good folk of Pawnee, tonight.


Seven farewells the good folk of Pawnee tonight in the last ever episode of US sitcom Parks and Recreation.

The series, which served as a US replacement to the failed Kath and Kim adaptation, has run for seven seasons.

“One Last Ride” Parts I & II were written by Amy Poehler and series co-creator Michael Schur, the latter who also directed the episode. The episode features Henry Winkler, Joe Biden
ob Lowe as Chris Traeger
Rashida Jones as Ann Perkins

The final aired in the US in February 2015.

Seven airs a double episode tonight from 11:50pm.

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  1. They kept moving the time slot, changing the days and so I couldn’t keep up. And I’ve experienced lots of issues with their catch up service. And presto doesn’t have the last season either. Grr.

  2. They’ve got 4 channels and the best they can do is show the last episode of this critically acclaimed comedy 15 months after its original screening at 11.50pm. Extremely poor treatment to the end.

    And to highlight how laughable it is, 2 episodes of who knows how many seasons old and who knows how many times repeated Ch 9 “hand me down” Big Bang Theory will air at 8.30pm.

    1. Just like how they created Boston Legal, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a plethora of other shows. And 7Mate shows an hour and half of Big Bang repeats before new Family Guy and American Dad

  3. Shamefully treated by Seven but I reckon this almost surpassed the US version of The Office – it just got better and better and even though The Office never really dropped off in quality either, I think there are the two best recent US comedies that not many Australians have seen, until word of mouth and online streaming broaden their audience more.

  4. I still watch the show but have lost interest while watching, not as funny as the earlier seasons. sad to see another show go but I’m fine with it at the same time.

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