Noni Hazlehurst joins AACTAs board

2013-05-08_1106Good to see Noni Hazlehurst appointed to the board of The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

She replaces Sigrid Thornton on the AACTAs board, joining Alan Finney, Mike Baard, Jennifer Huby, Robert Sessions, Alaric McAusland, Ian Sutherland, Russel Howcroft and Geoff Brown.

“I’m delighted to be asked to serve on the AFI / AACTA board, and hope to help nurture our filmmakers, and to attract local and international audiences as the industry continues to grow,” Hazlehurst said.

“With 40 years’ experience of telling Australian stories in various media, I look forward to this new opportunity to celebrate and promote our culture and history on screen, and I will endeavour to work to ensure the success and recognition of our artists and craftspeople both at home and internationally.”

Speaking of Hazlehurst’s appointment to the board, AFI | AACTA chair Alan Finney said: “I first met Noni in the 1980s when I was involved in getting Monkey Grip onto local screens. Her passionate and enthusiastic commitment to supporting our film and television industry was obvious and she has made a valuable contribution to Australian audiences’ positive attitude to our product.

“Since then Noni has expanded her performance achievements into an incredibly diverse and impressive range, and I am looking forward to her being a part of AFI | AACTA’s recently renewed board as we embark on our challenging but exciting future.”

Source: News Limited., Mediaweek


  1. jezza the first original one

    @ Barrie, exactly what I thought. This seems a very flattering photo, not knocking her, that would be unfair. But she certainly looks different on recent tv appearances.

  2. Is that the same Noni thats on A place to call home? Is she wearing prosthetics on that drama or is this a really old photo?

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