Paper Giants: Magazine Wars: sneak peek

ABC’s sequel to the hit series Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo returns next month with Paper Giants: Magazine Wars looking at the famous feud between New Idea’s Dulcie Bowling and Woman’s Day’s Nene King.

Filled with humour, outrageous antics and cut throat tactics, Magazine Wars is the story of the Golden Years of the glossies, of the ‘battle’ between Nene King (Mandy McElhinney) and Dulcie Boling (Rachel Griffiths) from the rival Packer and Murdoch empires, to make their magazines the top seller in Australia. The series also stars Rob Carlton, Angus Sampson, Lucy Bell, Khan Chittenden, Caren Pistorius, Mark Lee and William Zappa.

Rob Carlton returns as Kerry Packer and in this scene we see the famous 1980s moment when he negotiated to sell Nine Network stations in Sydney and Melbourne to Alan Bond for a staggering amount.

As history would show, he later bought them back at a steal, pocketing a tidy profit as a result.

Paper Giants: Magazine Wars premieres 8:30pm Sunday June 2 and 9 on ABC1.


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