Rumour: So You Think You Can Dance returning to TEN?

There are rumours TEN is discussing the return of its hit Dance show.

2013-05-23_0017It was last seen on Australian television in 2010 but could the local version of So You Think You Can Dance be making a comeback?

TV Tonight hears it is under discussion with TEN, likely for a 2014 return if it goes ahead.

The show had three seasons  from 2008 – 2010 before being abandoned in favour of less-successful ventures I Will Survive, Everybody Dance Now and the show that was cancelled before it was even made, Don’t Stop Believing.

TEN still lacks a big talent format and Dance scored consistent ratings when it wasn’t shuffled off to mid-week in its final year. ELEVEN has also kept up the US version.

Meanwhile there are also whispers TEN has been looking closely at Irish series The Hit in which emerging songwriters compete for recording artists to choose their song to record. Brian McFadden appears in that one.

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  1. I’ve seen some of the old contestants in other things. Rhys was actually on EDN as part of a group that away from TV is quite successful. Charlie was seen as a backup dancer recently on The Voice.

    Ten stuffed up in 2010 by moving it from Sunday t Monday. It’s also not a reality show, it’s a talent show, and very entertaining.

  2. Great news, hope Ten goes ahead with it and puts it back on sunday night. Would be great to see Kelly Abbey on the judging panel. As host maybe carrie bickmore, get her out from behind the desk and with logie noms seems to be popular presenter. Anyone have other thoughts on a host.

    1. Probably because it is a theatrical-based genre not a TV one. Dancers have gone on to do stage musicals and get on with the job of being a dance gypsy. Issy did go on to Dance Academy, Rhys did The Fairies for Seven, Marko was involved with Everybody Dance Now, The Sapphires and The Voice. It’s not always about being a star so much as a jobbing performer.

  3. Yes! Bring SYTYCD back. Seven and Nine have singing shows, there should a dance show. Also it needs a new judging panel. Timomatic would make a great judge (have you seen his dancing skills!!) but he’s with AGT.

  4. “TEN still lacks a big talent format” – So? Haven’t we had enough of these shows? I, for one, refuse to watch any of them – they’re just awful. Which doesn’t leave a lot of television to watch these days.

    How’s about TEN dreams up a whole new genre to take the world by storm, instead of trailing behind everyone else.

  5. I would love to see SYTYCD back but as cronker said it is a dated format, with the U.S. version this year (or last, I can’t remember) dropping the results show and making it one long episode a week due to a ratings drop. Even though the results episodes were the best as we got song and dance performances by the best in the business. I think TEN would be better off expanding on the SYTYCD format instead of just relaunching it as a new format is more likely to have more viewers than a dated one, but if they say keep one or two of the original judges (Matt Lee and Bonnie Lythgoe) then the old SYTYCD fans would watch as well as new viewers who are sick of Australia’s Got Talent. Or TEN could just buy Got To Dance from FOX8 as last I checked it was another series that never launched and Andy G had already locked in to do it (a former TEN star), which has a huge international following with the U.K. version in its 4th season, and I’m sure TEN could even con Adam Garcia to be a judge for his home nation! Nevertheless, we need a dance dedicated format and TEN are the network for it.

  6. No ten No – You have already identified that your audience has switched over to the Internet, so why do you persist with rubbish reality programs when there is a whole demographic of older people waiting to switch over to watch decent quality programming?

    Will you pay the shareholders back when this flops?

  7. Back to the future?
    The Hit format reeks of a cross between Idol/Top Model and that fashion show on Eleven.
    Think You Can Dance is now an old vehicle, nothing to see here.
    TEN really needs to think-tank. Lock every exec in a padded cell for a week and see what relaunch they can muster.

  8. So You Think You Can Dance would be a huge hit on TEN. EDN was the right idea it was just poorly executed by Fremanlte and the format didn’t make sense.

    Unlikely that they’ll go for ‘the Hit’ as it’s a song writing competition, not a talent comp… very niche and has only gone to air in Ireland.

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