The Kath and Kim Kountdown

Celebrities remember their favourite foxy lady clips, without managing to add anything of value.

2013-05-15_2336Sunday night’s Kath and Kim Kountdown has a very funny opening credit sequence with celebrities channelling Fountain Lakes -and then it’s all downhill from there.

This special features a host of famous faces: Jimeoin, Alex Perry, Manu Feildel, Jason Coleman, Vince Colosimo, Julie Goodwin, Molly Meldrum, Kylie Kwong, Donna Hay,  Iain Hewitson, Shannon Bennett, Mick Molloy, Rebecca Gibney, Kate Langbroek, Jenny Kee, Michael Klim and more.

A bunch of others are also filmed on the Logies red carpet answer questions about this iconic show (did they know they would end up in a Seven special?).

This is essentially a 20 to 1 of Kath and Kim. But it’s editing is all over the place, with celebrity one-liners rather than putting a favourite scene into context: “Oh what Kel can do with his tongue,” “Kel Knight is an absolute artiste of sausages.” “Doesn’t every girl dream of being proposed to in an electrical goods department?”

Too many of their quips are simply telling us what we are already seeing.

The biggest crime here is that we just don’t see new Kath and Kim inserts, not even sitting on the patio in a Wine Time. All we get is a bit of audio. “Oh Number Eigsh!” they cry.

Some of the bloopers were fun but this just drags on for an hour instead of a mercy-killing at 30 minutes.

Spinning the clips from former episodes does remind me of just how good this sitcom was and that it stands the test of time.

On the whole I would have preferred a replay episode in full.

The Kath & Kim Kountdown airs 7:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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  1. Look i’m not a fan of channel 7 at all but i don’t want people to blame channel 7 for not making new Kath and Kim episodes since 2007.

    It is a decision from both girls (Gina and Jane) to not do new episodes sine 2007. They were taking a break and said they don’t want to show to run stale.

    Channel 7 would love to have new episodes on. Think of how high they would rate if there were new episodes on.

    So when they put this kountdown on, they are really hoping that the girls see how much Australia still loves them and they hopefully make new episodes.

    The girls have creative control over the show not anyone at channel 7

  2. They got 2.5m for the first new episode after moving to ch7 in 2007, then made only 7 more and (excluding the movie) just some lame clip shows in the last 6 years. Too bad..

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