Wentworth premiere is free on day release

In a clever marketing move, Foxtel offers the first episode of Wentworth free online for a limited time.

2013-05-03_1210Wentworth pulled excellent numbers for Foxtel this week with  244,000 for the first night.

Foxtel strategically roadblocked the premiere across 3 channels, SoHo, Arena and 111HITS, which together with the +2 channels worked a treat.

As a platform the real picture will be evident with consolidated numbers because Foxtel viewers don’t necessarily watch Live, when they have IQ catch-ups, reruns, +2 channels.

This is evident with another 51,000 watching a replay last night, all of which helps to establish a new brand.

With the buzz that has been generated so far, Brian Walsh came close to signalling a second series yesterday when talking to Mediaweek on SKY News Business.

He also confirmed the first episode is currently available for free online for a period of seven days (make that 6 now!).

The strategy here, which is a once-only offer for the first episode, is to raise further awareness of Wentworth and what Foxtel offers. It will certainly get people talking.

Foxtel is already considering merchandise too, after Wentworth hoodies triggered a bunch of ‘selfies’ on Twitter and reaction on the street.

If you’re quick you can watch the premiere at SoHo or YouTube.

And yes, episode two is very good….

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  1. they can’t bring the freak in because this imaging is actually role reversals so Bea is a wimp, Lizzie is young, Vera Bennett is the nice screw and Meg Jackson is the tough one,
    so if Joan did come into it, wouldn’t she be really nice (as the opposite of her alter ego)??
    I hope Meg is in it a long time..I love Catherine Clements and if not maybe Joan can come in and take over Wentworth??

  2. I just saw this on Youtube and was pleasantly surprised. It does everything you want from a first episode. The only slight downside was some of the dialogue, which was a bit clunky in places (the scene in the governor’s office where she’s telling all her staff to go hard on Frankie was trying way too hard to be hip).

    But I have to confess one major disappointment – where is The Freak? She was up there with Servalan (Blake’s Seven) as one of the baddest Bad Girls in TV history. Overall I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  3. It would be interesting to hear how actual prisoners or ex-prisoners think of it. The original got slammed for it, but then you need to entertain and engage the audience, which I think both have done.

  4. Is it just me or does the character jacks(kris mcquade) resemble top dog moira(anne phelan) from prisoner? It’s been a while since I’ve seen prisoner so I’m just saying…

  5. Yes, I have seem it. watched it last night.
    I had really look forward to it but was bitterly disappointed. Im not anti Australian drama and recently loved Puberty Blues, but I think Wentworth is cringeworthy Aus Tv.

  6. @W – Each to their own but I thought it was excellent. Have you actually seen it though?

    @ryaneco – I disagree with what you said about repeats. I’ve had Foxtel for 15 years and I have great more TV than I can possibly watch. I also never watch repeats of shows unless I choose to. And before you ask – no, I don’t work for them!

  7. Hmm I will check it out, the buzz has been good.
    It won’t be enough for me to get foxtel – the packages still aren’t flexible enough to me and full of repeats most of the time.
    Might be enough for me to invest in the DVD when it comes though.

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