Yahoo! spam promotes House Rules

2013-05-21_0032Seven has taken creative steps to try to entice more viewers to sample House Rules, yesterday drawing upon the might of its Yahoo! network to send users promotional emails.

A number of readers told TV Tonight this was the first time they had received spam plugging Seven shows.

“As I’ve been using Yahoo email for years I have never received any notices from them advertising Channel 7 shows. I wonder if they are getting a little desperate for ratings perhaps?” said one reader.

The email (pictured) included a link to a clip of the house reveal episode which aired last night. Seven’s renovation show has under-performed, with a lot hinging on an a possible upswing from Monday’s reveal episode.

The emails were sent to users who had opted into¬†“Special offers, promotions and Yahoo features.”

“I didn’t think a Channel Seven program should be included in that category,” said the reader.


  1. I better not get an email to my yahoo account. I get enough spam in it already.

    Seven is getting desperate. You saturated the weekend with House Rules…Just shunt it to a digital channel & bring on some other crap.

  2. I gave up Yahoo years ago when they did a deal with Seven and became the dog’s breakfast front page they are now, with biased “news” and Seven promos passed off as news. Using – ad-free, no spam, no constant invites to “upgrade”. Free in every respect.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    Hmm, pretty sure I wouldn’t have opted in when I signed up to Yahoo all those years ago. I unsubscribed as soon as I got the email. I’m not interested in your spam unless you need my help to get $10 million dollars out of your country or can make my penis bigger.

  4. I noticed a promo for The Mole this morning, first one I have seen in about 6 weeks. They should heavily promote this, and bring it back in two weeks, shifting House Rules to 7TWO.

  5. Seriously channel 7, just move on.. I too got an email with promotional material this morning I thought it was a hoax or must of been April fools day but checked the date when it was sent.

    This seriously doesn’t make want to pick up the remote and change the channel now, sorry 7 but your foot is in the mud now, it’ll take some kind of miracle to pull it off rating they want.

  6. Ostensibly, viewers are not going to watch 2 reno shows at the same time. Nine got in early and stole the audience. Get over yourselves Seven. It’s a pretty major stuff up, but you’ve missed the boat.
    The programming area had it so good, but one big splash has caused havoc in it’s wake.

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