House Rules eliminates first team

Seven's House Rules surprised viewers last night by eliminating its first couple -and The Block brings out the hate.

_eliminated1_j_Seven’s House Rules surprised viewers last night by eliminating its first couple, Tasmania’s Jane and Plinio.

They were sent packing after the sixth and final house reveal for Michelle and Steve from New South Wales.

After scores were revealed host Johanna Griggs shocked contestants by telling them accrued scores across the season had been merged onto an overall leader board and that the lowest team would be cut.

“This experience has been really hard at times,” said Jane. “But it’s been a really amazing experience to have with everyone here. We’ve loved it.”

Teams return to their own homes tonight for a fix-up challenge before more teams are set to be eliminated.

After tonight’s elimination, four teams will battle it out in the semi-finals ahead of Monday night’s grand final decider.

Meanwhile on The Block WA team Matt and Kim made a deal with Trixie and Johnno to score each other ten points but reneged on the deal, awarding 9.5 points and winning the week’s challenge.  On social media the pair attracted their share of vitriol.

“In preparation for the torrent of abuse coming my way tonight. My suggestion is to ask trix and Johnno on twitter if I cheated. #TheBlock” they said on Twitter.

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  1. One of the things I love about House Rules is that they don’t have a host getting in everyones face all the time (including the audience).

    Well done to seven for a great show, it’s fresh, the contestants are great, and I love the use of music in the editing,

    Best of all in six weeks it’s all over. No dragging it out. Now I can move on to other things and look forward to it’s return next year, praying that seven don’t ruin a near perfect formula…. (I bet they do)

  2. So with all houses finished and the scores in, the winner is…no wait…we have to introduce a “twist” – that word that means “we really can’t kill the ratings cow now, we have to find some way to stretch it on, and on, and on for another week”.

  3. I couldn’t wait to switch over from The Block to House Rules as I am sick of the pettiness that is going on. I had a feeling Jane & Plinio would go as their style was not to everyone’s liking. Bring on the second series!

  4. Great episode of HR last night. All teams did a fantastic job on the beach house. I was disappointed with Michelle’s reaction to much of it. She really is my least favourite contestant, I cannot warm to her at all. I hope her and her husband are the next to go.

    I thought Jane and Plinio would be the eliminated couple. Plinio was OK, but Jane was not terribly useful to him, unfortunately. I far prefer HR’s format to The Block’s, I think it is a much more interesting premise, but I agree with davo, they should try to get to know the couples more. Next series, Seven, can we please have an embedded host? If J. Griggs can’t do it, get someone who can. Jamie Durie, who has much form with this style of show, immediately springs to mind.

  5. For the first time ever I found The Block boring last night. Thinking back I don’t actually remember seeing much building last week either. Understand they have to pad out for six episodes a week but the fighting, challenges and re-caps are getting insane. On the other hand House Rules has got better with age, I think the bit they missed was getting to know the contestants, something MKR does so well. Jamie Jurie as host would also add some credibility to the build, patting everyone on the back saying one hour to go is so unhelpful.

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