The Project without Lisa McCune

2013-06-14_1734Lisa McCune was originally due to plug Reef Doctors on Thursday’s episode of The Project, but who can blame her for not appearing after the network did a backflip and banished the show to a Friday night dead zone?

TEN publicity didn’t respond to enquiries about why the segment was dropped.

In her place was Heston Blumenthal pushing MasterChef. Alas, not appearing also meant she couldn’t plug Eddie Perfect’s Shane Warne Musical revival, in which she plays Simone Warne.

According to next week’s line up, she hasn’t be rescheduled either:

On Monday night, Hollywood funny man Seth Rogen joins us live at the desk to promote his new star-studded comedy, This Is The End. We look at the growing issue of the aging homeless, with estimates that people aged 55 and older now make up almost a fifth of all homeless Australians.

On Tuesday, the new Wallabies line-up is announced and sporting legend John Eales takes us through the team. We put lap band weight loss surgery under the spotlight as we look at the possible complications – do the risks outweigh the benefits?

Fans of the Funky Gibbon, Twinkle the giant kitten and Ecky Thump can rejoice when Bill Oddie, star of the classic BBC hit comedy, The Goodies, joins us live at the desk on Wednesday night. Carrie heads across country to catch up with Samuel Johnson in Perth. Samuel left Melbourne in February on a one-wheel-mission, with the aim of riding his unicycle across Oz to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research.

On Thursday, legendary 1980s movie star Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Betsy’s Wedding) joins us live at the desk. Scott Dooley goes geek chic when he puts Google Glasses to the test and we talk about the effects of legal synthetic drugs when we meet a former user and a woman who lost her only son to synthetic cannabis.

Lehmo is an ambassador for national charity, Welcome To Australia, and on Friday he talks Walk Together, a march down the streets of 15 Australian cities designed to encourage Aussies to welcome asylum seekers and refugees.

6:30pm weeknights on TEN.


  1. If TEN was trying to cover things up then why did they just air the pilot (Sat 8:15pm)?

    IMO they should have a) picked a better night b) not delay it so much and aired it earlier in the year and c) had Lisa and others on The Project and other TEN shows sooner, before the pilot aired.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    “Reef Doctors is a terrific show…”

    You normally make so much sense. I’m sure you intend the meaning of ‘terrific’ as “frightful” or “terrifying”.

  3. Why would Ten, McCune or The Project want to do the interview now?

    McCune could either pointlessly try to promote a failure, which would be bad, or ignore it and generate media coverage about how Ten are trying to cover-up a disaster.

    Even if Ten did speak all you would get would be: Lisa was sick, or was too busy with her musical. Reef Doctors is a terrific show that has sold overseas but unfortunately failed to find an audience here in a tough and competitive timeslot. Increasingly people are watching dramas on DVRs or iPads and not live these days, etc. etc.

  4. @Molly,

    My point is, that the TEN publicity, quoted by David, says “1980s movie star Molly Ringwald – Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Betsy’s Wedding…” Get it?

    And yes, I’m in Adelaide and I saw Molly at her first performance, thanks.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Thanks for answering that Q, David.

    Ten publicity could have at least tried to do their job but instead decided that embarrassed silence was the best response.

  6. @Dr_Rudi Molly was on teeny show The Secret Life of The American Teenager for 5 years. She also sang the theme song. The show ended a few weeks ago, so there would still be some recognition for her from the younger set. She was also just in Adelaide performing at the Cabaret Festival.

  7. Well, I hope they spend more than 15 minutes with Molly, Bill, and Lehmo’s charity endeavour.

    Curiously, the Project’s target audience weren’t born when ‘The Goodies’ was telecast; and had only just been born when Molly was a star of the big screen.

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