The View ending on Nine

The View will have its final show on Nine this week, to be replaced with repeats of Sea Patrol.

2013-06-23_0110US talk-fest The View will have its final show on Nine this Friday June 28th at 1pm.

Nine has not renewed its rights on the talk show with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd.

The show has aired on Nine’s afternoons since 2008.

It will be replaced on Monday July 1st with repeats of Sea Patrol.

Nine also recently chose not to renew Days of Our Lives after 45 years, replacing it initially with House Husbands repeats and later with repeats of The Block.

Foxtel was running The View until last September, saying it was dropping the show from Arena because it was freely available on Nine.

Host Barbara Walters will retire in 2014.

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  1. My mother & I always watched TheView on nine for years, very disappointed that it has been taken off. We no longer watch channel nine in the day time. Midday has become a dead zone. Nine has become boring….repeats, repeats, repeats

  2. I’m so late on this, but was wondering why The View hadn’t been on recently. Shame on Channel 9 for doing this. It is one of the best day-time shows on television.

  3. Ellen won’t be going anytime soon. Bceause she has just come back from Australia and has a fan base. She also has a good standing on A Current Affair with Tracy Grimshaw. They did interviews here and over in US.
    As for the view this is just killing the network off one by one. Why kill something if it still has potential. This does mean CH10 have a green light for ‘The Doctors’. But CH7 dropped ‘Dr. Oz.’ for repeats of ‘Winners and Loosers’. So it could be possible TEN takes away something too? It’s like they have to be fair with daytime TV and insure that if one network gets rid of something that they should also?

  4. Hilarious. They scrapped DOOL and now The View. I wouldn’t bet on Ellen being around for much longer. Nine has obviouTV sly spent way too much on the cricket and now has to cut costs.

    I’m just surprised that they are replacing The View with Sea Patrol repeats. I was so sure that they’d show more repeats of The Block.

  5. Next up…….Nine loses Warner Bros deal due to budget cuts. When they won cricket and NRL i questioned where the money came from. Now programming will start to be effected. Soon we will probably have test patterns or even more of those infomercial things to try and pay for things.

  6. Just did some checking so it looks like Friday we’ll see Toni Collette on the ‘final’ show for Nine but will miss Mariah Carey who would be on Monday week our time, and guest co-host Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

    If only shows like this had a reliable site for their interviews, but The View can be a bit spotty on YouTube.

  7. I’m still waiting for the finale of Person Of Interest too, and The Mentalist. Stupid ch 9 have been showing repeats of the last season of Person Of Interest on Monday nights at 9.30. Why haven’t they shown the final episode instead. Now tonight they are showing a repeat of The Mentalist. There are 2 episodes to go. What the hell is wrong with them? How hard is it to show the last episodes instead of repeats. It’s bloody ridiculous.

  8. nail in the coffin for nine the only shows I watch is arrow and waiting for when you put the new show hostages starring Toni Collette and finally a FTA network finally put revolution on its a great show and I said main times before Australians don’t like Australian programs they want to watch stuff from America because American programming is better then what Australian produce & when are you going to put the season finale of person of interest you took it off before the finale ?

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