Alisa & Lysandra win The Block: Skyhigh

Block4890South Australian police officers Alisa & Lysandra Fraser have won The Block: Skyhigh.

Their renovation of an apartment in the former BizMotel in South Melbourne sold for $1.435m with a profit of $295,000 above their reserve. As the winners they also take home a further $100,000.

As the lowest level apartment, the twins had the lowest reserve of $1.14m which ultimately served them well at the auction.

Next was NSW couple Madi & Jarrod selling at $1.601m with a profit of $291,000 – just $4,000 behind the girls.

Level 5. Trixie & Johnno: Reserve $1,400,000 / Sold $1,605,000 / Profit $205,000
Level 4. Madi & Jarrod: Reserve $1,310,000 / Sold $1,601,000 / Profit $291,000
Level 3. Bec & George: Reserve $1,265,000 / Sold $1,507,000 / Profit $242,000
Level 2. Kim & Matt: Reserve $1,205,000 / Sold $1,455,000 / Profit $250,000
Level 1. Alisa & Lysandra: Reserve $1,140,000 / Sold $1,435,000 / Profit $295,000

Bec and George also won a motorbike in a viewer-voted contest.

Host Scott Cam said, “All the sweat, tears, hard work and personal sacrifice has paid off for our Blockheads. I’m over the moon with the results of the auctions. You always hope that the contestants will do well, but tonight’s results are nothing short of amazing. Now everyone can have a well-earned rest.”

The finale consisted of the open inspection and recaps of each apartment and couple plus a performance by Timomatic. But the friendly banter ended when the couples could not decide on the order of the auction -eventually decided by drawing places from a hat.

But the profits fall a long way short of the prize pocketed for The Block 2012 also in South Melbourne when Brad & Lara profited $506,000 (plus a further $100,000).

It was the second series of the renovation juggernaut and performed well for Nine, including a serious showdown from Seven’s House Rules.

Nine also used the occasion to plug its upcoming highlights including Big Brother, Australia’s Got Talent and Power Games: The Packer Murdoch War.


  1. The only bidders seem to be corporates anyway. Do these places just get rented out to 457 visa high flyers?

    I’d like to see them to do a show where they revisit all of the properties to see exactly how they have held up.

  2. martymonster

    I do not understand why anyone would pay so much for these apartments.
    The kitchens are Freedom kitchens, not quality at all.
    All the faults which are made and then fixed or covered up.
    They may be 8 Star, but not quality in my book. But what can you expect given the budget they are given, to make a half decent reno you must winn all of the tasks to get extra money.
    The Body Corp I understand is approx $8400 per annum.
    But, it does make for good TV watching, so funny to watch the arguments, bitchyness etc.

  3. @Moops The higher apartments did sell for more but also had higher reserves.

    I kinda think the penthouse would have sold for more if the twins had that floor.

  4. David, you are right about the room sizes, the living and dining rooms are around 12-13 square meters, the girls floorplan had the all the roomsizes shown. The apartment size come to around 180sq meteres, not the lift well and fire escape. Generally the price per square meter is from $7000-10000 depending on level, so the price they got is fair.

    Also what would have lowered the price is that other buildings are going to be built around this one, so there would have been no chance of a $2million result.

  5. I didn’t follow the show or watch last night, but I find it bizarre that the unit on the highest level got the lowest profit, whilst the unit on the lowest level got the highest profit. Huh???? That is not normally the case in real estate. Usually apartments on higher floors sell for more than those lower. Interesting that the properties made a profit less than half those of the winner of the last series that was set in the same suburb.

  6. @kitkat Madi and Jarrods appartment was also considered to be a type of penthouse cause they had the same view.

    Also reserves were lower because of the money they won to take off their original price.

    The twins pushed to be first and they werent taking no for an answer and it paid off for them getting number 1 in the hat draw. I reckon they wouldnt have won if they werent first. they should have done what Jarrod said and gone 5-1 cause Johnno and Trixie got screwed because of it.

  7. Including all of the luxury fixtures and chattels, 2 million for the penthouse seems reasonable.These apartments are the definition of excess. Although, this price could be affected by the other proposed developments in the area. I know the living area isn’t large, but there is the outdoor terrace. And if you’re on level 5, you’ve got the rooftop terrace right above it.

    Not to mention the South Melbourne location. Median prices have skyrocketed in the area over the past months.

    The real estate agents for the contenstants told prospective buyers of a “guidance price”. $1.2 million was the guidance price for Alisa and Lysandra.

  8. Happy the twins won. Their apartment was my favourite, plus they had to split the winnings.

    Bit perplexed over Madi & Jarrod. Was it the least offensive/easiest to change?

  9. I understand reserve prices just fine hotgoat.

    I didn’t want to type out a long winded comment on the show. But all contestants should’ve had higher reserves. They’re set really low I understand for entertainment purposes, so that there’s a guaranteed happy ending for everyone. The twins should’ve had a reserve of $1.5 at minimum and Trixie and Jonno a reserve of $2 million+.

    Anyone who buys a property off The Block gets them for an absolute steal. Back on The All Stars, Mark & Duncan’s house went for peanuts. But I get that from past seasons, it’s an anti-climax if they don’t sell on auction day.

    • $2m? Why? I’ve stood in these in apartments. You might be surprised how small the living rooms are. Even for $1.3m you can buy a whole lot more space. Consumer Affairs was on site for this auction after questions on previous season pricing.

  10. kushkook, you don’t understand how the market works, the higher you are in a building the higher the price. If you suggest a minimum of $1.5 million, that would make the penthouse $2+ million. Now if the girls had the penthouse it would have got at least $1.8 million, Trixie & Johnno completely wasted that apartment.

  11. Thrilled the girls won. Overall, their apartment was superior. They had their catty moments like the rest of the contestants but they were hilarious.

    Unlike the other couples, they have to split their money. So the extra $100,000 comes in handy.

  12. I think the whole of Australia was on the edge of their seats willing Bec & George, Madi & Jarrod & Trixie & Johnno to overhaul the girls. Twitter seemed to be going crazy.
    Great show.

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