All eyes on TEN reveal

2013-07-13_2330It’s a big week for TEN which has a Winter Launch to media and sponsors on Thursday night.

The event in Sydney will highlight the “new shows, new audience and new energy” at TEN under CEO Hamish McLennan.

Normally such events are saved for the Upfronts, traditionally held around October.

TEN will reveal key details of Adam Boland’s Breakfast and Morning shows on Thursday. So far, all we really know for certain is Ita Buttrose and Joe Hildebrand for the morning show. But the rumour mill has been busy speculating on a Manly backdrop for the shows, with James Mathison tipped for the untitled Breakfast show.

TEN has been busy announcing new shows and personalities over recent weeks including This Week Live, A League of Their Own, The Bachelor with Tim Robards, US acquisitions including 24 and Sleepy Hollow plus sports commentators Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist for the Big BashWanted has also just launched while Under the Dome has performed well.

It’s been a busy few weeks under McLennan sending out the right noises to market. Better noises, of course, come from daily ratings.

TEN also didn’t need Sales Chief Barry O’Brien to quit last week -awkwardly announced late on a Friday afternoon. O’Brien leaves after 13 months in the role, succeeding Mike Morrison who only lasted 6 months. Whilst O’Brien was appointed by former CEO James Warburton, it hints the dust is still settling within TEN.

The launch will also be an opportunity to promote upcoming shows Wonderland, Secrets & Lies: The Track, Puberty Blues and Recipe to Riches. A few shows such as Batavia, Shock of the Now and Come Date with Me are also due for some further clarity.

Will TEN also confirm its reboot of So You Think You Can Dance? The show isn’t expected until 2014 so TEN probably needs to keep a few cards up its sleeve.



  1. @gregaus your comment is false. Meet The Press is not 100 per cent news limited journalists. What about the host Kathryn Robinson? And also, on a wider scale Ita does not work for NL either.

  2. @gregaaus..I couldn’t agree more..all right wing commentators are now firmly esconced at 10..Thank God Roving Enterprises hasn’t succombed to this fate, via the Project.The morning show will be Murdoch’s version of Fox and Friends.a despicable show.
    I wonder why , but most right wing commentators, don’t seem to have any sense of humour..Has anyone else noticed this?

  3. I wish Ten all the best. If they have to try the Breakfast show for the third time and they haven’t tried the name. Maybe go with tradition with Good Morning Australia.

    P.S. Yes I know it’s the second time around for now. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. @William

    Lots of promotion doesnt always translate into ratings success. Touch was a flop for Ten last year, so I highly doubt it would be getting the profile 8.30 Sunday slot.

  5. I saw a commercial this morning showing that Ripper Street starts in a couple of weeks taking the spot of Elementary (8.30pm Sundays). That is the same time and day that I expect Seven will air Mr Selfridge, as A Place To Call Home wraps up next week. It may be a battle between two British dramas.

  6. The hiring of these two for the morning program continues Ten’s lurch to the right with the News Ltd’isation of its programs in full swing. Rupert may not be allowed to own Ten (due to Australia’s media laws) but he’s certainly got a surreptitious hold on it via his son (Bolt already has his own show and Meet the Press is now 100% News Ltd journalists).

    How is everyone else not seeing this?

  7. Natasha Belling and Matt Doran would be great hosting a breakfast show. As long as we’re not subjected to Hamish MacDonald I’ll be happy. Sick of Ten shoving him and his ego down our throat

  8. Whilst not trying to judge to early, but could the as yet unannounced title of Adam’s new Breakfast Programme possibly be ” Death Wish One” with the following Morning Programme then aptly named “Death Wish Two”?
    If as it has been muted is eventually muttered, that we are going to be offered ‘ Hours’ of the dry biased un-funniness of both Joe Hilderbrand and James Mathison 5 days a week?.. It could be a big letdown for those of us desperately trying to dodge “Sunrise and Today’, especially if network Ten also choose to torture us again with even thoughts of ‘ best of ‘ encores on weekend days, as they did with Paul Henry’s Breakfast debacle.
    And also in true and proven network Ten form, with the persistence of flogging a dead horse to a state of ready to eat dog food, where possibly some bright ‘up n comer’ will probably get the nod to run these encores during the ‘Lunch and Tea breaks’ of Gem’s successful test match coverage, accompanied by a bevy of mid play promo’s.

  9. With Seven taking a dip in the ratings at the moment, I think now is the right time for Ten to take advantage with its new programs. The dramas will probably do well, while the reality and panel shows could go either way.


    I hope Ten aren’t stupid enough to even consider Idol – its a big risk for a struggling network, especially when the genre is already catered for by 7 and 9.

  10. Tash Belling and Matt Doran would be a good fit for breaky tv. still don’t know why they gave Hilderbrand a job, they’d be better of paying 2 million dollars to a kiwi to host an Australian breakfast show, who does nothing but make stupid jokes and insult people… oh wait… they’ve done that..

  11. Joe Hildebrand is bad enough but James Mathison is worse. I would be going for Matt Doran & Natasha Belling for Breakfast Show. They had great chemistry when reading the weekend news. Stop putting unfunny people into news shows.
    Just saw an ad ast night for new comedy(?)/panel show last night. What a dud.

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