Josh Thomas comedy picked up by new US cable channel

please like meJosh Thomas’ ABC2 comedy Please Like Me has been picked up by new US cable and satellite channel, Pivot, which launches in the US market in August.

The network is releasing the first episode for free online and then screening the series on Pivot, including series marathons for binge-watching and On Demand.

Pivot is owned by Participant Media, targeted at young adults with a mix of original and acquired programming.

Please Like Me screened on ABC2 earlier this year to critical acclaim and was selected for the Series Mania TV Festival in France.

Josh Thomas said: “Hello Hollywood! I’m excited about being in America – I hope we get along. I’m encouraged by your oversized slices of cake. I’m also really proud to be on Pivot, a genuinely new and unique network making really interesting choices. I hope you enjoy our TV show.”

Evan Shapiro, President of Pivot said, “Please Like Me is the perfect show to launch our network. This show is unique and authentic, which speaks to the quality entertainment that we aspire to present to our target audience. Josh’s quarter-life crisis will resonate with many Millennials and the way he and the cast capture that angst is hysterical. Once you start watching, you don’t want it to end, and that’s exactly why we’re releasing it the way we are – we don’t want our audience to have to wait to watch more.”

Meanwhile Thomas has tweeted, “No series @please_like_me series 2 announcement yet! We just need a few little funding things to click into place, we’re close! (hopefully)”

Please Like Me was created and written by Josh Thomas, produced by Todd Abbott and directed by Matthew Saville. Executive Producers are Josh Thomas, Todd Abbott and Kevin Whyte.


  1. It’s good for Josh, but I suspect it’ll need sub-titles. I can barely understand a word he says, so they’re going to have real trouble.

  2. @Kirk
    Josh tweeted that they are trying to secure finance for a second series. Fingers crossed.
    I hope the ABC shows it a bit more love and screens it on the main channel next time

  3. That’s so great for Josh. I loved the show, just hired it recently to rewatch and did so in one sitting! I laughed and I cried, the writing feels so sincere.

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