Lisa Wilkinson presents Nine News Now

nnnwIf Melissa Doyle is apparently seen to be “demoted” as part of a rumoured move to 4:30 news, then Lisa Wilkinson may be next in line for media scrutiny.

This afternoon the Today show presenter fronted Nine News Now at 3pm.

From the excerpts I saw she was seamless at the gig.

Together with The Daily Edition and Morning Show interchanges, there’s a fair bit of rotation between morning and afternoon presenting, just as there has been with part-time presenters for A Current Affair, Today Tonight and 60 Minutes.



  1. Following on from Cronker’s comments, ABC Breakfast Radio must be the easiest/shortest gig in the country. Regional radio, at least, starts Breakfast at 6.10am after the news, local news at 6.30, 10 minute State/National news at 7.00, more (the same) local news at 7.30, ten minutes later it’s news time again – followed by A.M !

    Although in Bendigo, at least, the breakfast announcer is also the Station Manager, so I doubt he drifts off home once he’s off air.

  2. It kind of makes sense though. They have Ross Greenwood anchoring morning news quite a bit now, and I have often wondered what some of these performers do for an entire 8 hour working day.
    Much the same as I wonder what fills up a normal working day for radio presenters who are often on air for perhaps 3 or 4 hour shifts.

  3. Wendy told viewers on Thursday that Lisa would stand in for her on Friday. She said it in a way that Lisa was doing her a favour by hosting the show and that she couldn’t be there.

    So there’s not much to read into this. Lisa had fun with it today. Nine News Now is great. What a shame they scrapped The View.

  4. 7 may have made a mistake by moving Doyle but 9 isn’t about to make that mistake.

    7 is feeling the pressure they let Adam Boland go and he went straight to ten. in the coming months we will see more major changes coming to Sunrise, you can count on it.

  5. Can’t be long until Nine goes to an all day live news/infotainment/advertorial format from 5:00am to 7:00pm? Much cheaper than buying in programs like Days Of Our Lives and The View which Nine has since dropped. Ellen & Extra are safe for now, as they are part of the current Warner Bros output deal Nine has that still runs to middle of 2014.

  6. David, Wendy Kingston and Amber Sherlock usually present Nine News Now not Kellie Connolly.

    In fact, Kellie Connolly has filled in on Weekend Sunrise as newsreader and just yesterday filled in for Kylie Gillies on Seven’s The Morning Show.

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