Renewed: House Rules

After a stunning turn around, Seven's renovation series has been officially renewed for a second season.

hrfiIt’s official. Seven renovation series House Rules has been renewed for a second season.

The good news comes after a stunning turn around for the show after weak start and worrying early headlines. In recent weeks it has even toppled The Block on Nine.

But Seven stuck to its guns amid calls for it to be replaced and now have a hit on their hands.

Seven’s Director of Network Production, Brad Lyons, said: “We are delighted audiences have enjoyed the House Rules experience. And they’re in for an even bigger ride in series two.”

Last night Victoria and Western Australian teams were eliminated ahead of tonight’s grand final in which one team will win their mortgage paid off.

Michelle and Steve from NSW will battle South Australians Carly and Leighton in a Live to air finale, with the winner to be decided by audience vote. 

The grand final will be broadcast live from both teams’ newly renovated homes. Host Johanna Griggs will be at Melbourne’s Home Base with the previously eliminated teams as the winning team is announced live.

“It’s amazing to think we have a one in two chance of winning our entire mortgage paid off,” said Michelle.

Carly added: “We’re this close to winning and having our life change forever.”

Applications are now open for 2014.

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  1. I was surprised that its turned into a public vote. Think it would be better if it was judged like the rest of the show.

    Also find it interesting that its going live into SA from 7:00, instead of on delay. Unusual for 7 to bump H&A (except for footy). Its the first time I remember the series final of a show like this not on delay here.

    @Bella, House Rules has been replayed on 7 during weekends.

  2. Carly & Leighton should win by rights, as they were the most consistent team right through. Michelle & Steve have been one of the worst teams and their home needed way more work than the others, which is ample reward in itself. I don’t care at all for Michelle, she is a whinger

  3. I dont like Carly and Leighton but the fact that Michelle and Steve were living in something that needed the amount of work that it did, should be reward enough.

    Bummed the WA team is no longer in it, they were great!!

  4. Carly and Leighton deserve to win given they finished second after the house renovations, they were first in the 24 hour challenge and 1st again in the garden challenge. I just hope people vote for the team that’s performed the best.

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