Younger females driving Social TV use

ji9More research on the ways viewers are using Social TV apps has been released by Nine’s Jump-in, which shows 69% of “online Australians” engage in another activity whilst watching TV.

Jump-in surveyed a cross-section of 1001 Australians through online research which, whilst it skews the results in favour of those already actively engaged online, still delivers results that concur with similar surveys.

They indicate second-screen use is higher amongst younger viewers and females.

Amongst its findings it found:

  • 66% watch an average of three hours and six minutes a day.
  • Almost 69% engage in some other activity while watching TV.  31%  watch TV without engaging in any other activities.
  • 46% use a portable digital device while watching television.
  • 46% use their computer, smartphone or tablet while watching TV.  35% of these are using these devices to check emails, surf the web and generally multitask.
  • 79% use a second screen are on social networking sites whilst watching.
  • 82% search for content related to the TV show they are watching.
  • Men are almost twice as likely as women to watch TV without engaging in any other activity.
  • 55-64 year olds are twice as likely to watch TV without second screen activity compared with 18 to 24 year olds.
  • 41% using TV for self-improvement. Three quarters of TV viewers profess to being inspired by a television show to try a new activity, with cooking, exercise, decorating and renovating being the most popular activities.

Second-screen activities with laptops, smart-phones and tablets whilst watching TV:

  • Catching up on email (98%)
  • Posting on social media like Facebook and Twitter (79%)
  • Working or doing homework (78%)
  • 72% call or text friends to tell them to watch a show
  • 70% have shopped for items seen on TV
  • 51% post social media updates about shows they are watching
  • 50% have voted in a TV show poll

Jump-in spokeswoman Bec Haagsma said, “People want bigger viewing experiences and to get inside their favourite shows, connecting with the stars and getting all those extra bits of information to give them one-up on their mates and other viewers.

“This is what we have been offering for State of Origin fans that download Jump-in. While watching the game on Channel Nine, they can have a fantastic second screen experience on their iPad or iPhone which provides them access to game stats, historical match info and game highlights from up to 16 different camera angles.”


  1. Jump In, like many of these TV ad-ons is a joke. The State of Origin offering has been a let down. Could the executives behind these please stop spouting cliches and start to utilise the potential of second screens and TV apps?

  2. Dear Bec,

    The only thing this tells me is that most of the programmes must be rubbish! This would have been obvious if you actually put your iPad down long enough to smell the stench of reality TV!

  3. @Bogues

    average ≠ exactly

    I know the tv is on at 6 – 11pm at my place but actual sitting down to watch is probably 2 hours max a night. Even then I prefer to watch most shows timeshifted as the ads are too frustrating.

  4. Almost 80% of statistics are inaccurate 40% of the time of 3rd thursdays of the month, except if the boss’s daughter is looking for a leg up to stardom in which case they’re probably screwed 60% off center. This survey is about as accurate as the weather rock.

    The comment from Bec Haagsma is the second most ridiculous statement I have ever read.

  5. “66% watch an average of three hours and six minutes a day”

    That’s a unique statistic. I’m not sure how to take that. Is it 66% of people watching exactly 186 minutes of tv per day?

  6. TV for self-improvement! No wonder the country is in trouble.

    But are people actually watching Jump-in. Like the US much of the activities are not network controlled.

    And shopping that explains a lot of the gender difference.

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