3 reality contestants booted in one night

Just another manic Monday as contestants on Seven, Nine and TEN were sent packing last night.

2013-08-26_2101Just another manic Monday as contestants on  Seven, Nine and TEN were sent packing last night.

X Factor, Big Brother and MasterChef Australia all bid farewell to contestants, and all in the same timeslot.

Girl group Adira-Belle was first to be eliminated from Seven’s singing show, after landing in the bottom two beside Barry Southgate.

Judge Natalie Bassingthwaighte said, “Adira-Belle are brilliant and I can’t believe they have been sent home. This won’t be the end for the girls, they are so talented.”

Meanwhile on Big Brother 24 year old flight attendant from Melbourne, Jasmin, received the lowest number of saves.

“In the House, you lose concept of the outside world, and you think way too much. I had no idea the devastating effect my kiss with Ed in the spa had on Jade … I was in here for a good time and Mum said before going into the House, a pash is just a pash,” she said.

Over on MasterChef, Christina Batista was the first contestant eliminated in finals week. While her cauliflower soup with scallops looked tasty, the techniques she used was below the standard of her competitors.

Rishi, Lynton, Samira and Emma will now battle it out for a spot in the final three. A tearful Christina thanked the judges for changing her life before departing the show.

Looks like 15 minutes is already down to 14 in the fickle world of pop culture.

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  1. Jasmin wanted to ‘live it up’ in the house. Then she and Ed had an ‘unguarded moment’.She was then ‘livin’on a prayer and had to ‘say goodbye’. There is my Eighties wrap up!

  2. I was so worried for Rishi for a moment there, would have been pissed off if he had gone home before Samira. He has been a far better cook than her throughout the whole season.

    Wasn’t really too surprised to see Jasmine go from Big Brother, we didn’t really see much of her.

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