CBS signs Bondi Vet

2012-10-02_1259WTFN series Bondi Vet is set to air on CBS according to the Herald Sun, which is remarkable news for Dr. Chris Brown.

“It’s incredibly exciting that the show is going to be seen right across America,” Brown said.

However his name may confuse US viewers especially seeing that other Chris Brown has such a checkered past…

Nevertheless, Brown is one of the industry’s nice guys, having started out on Harry’s Practice, Burke’s Backyard, Today and Talk to the Animals before landing his own series.

Back in 2009 when I first reviewed Bondi Vet I said at the time, “It’s a match made in television heaven: sexy single doc, sick animals and a lush backdrop.”

Not much has changed!


  1. I was sitting in a café in Kiev last week watching Animal Planet on the TV screen when up pops Doctor Chris. Looks like the Ukrainians knew the virtues of the lovely Doc even before the Americans! My eight year old daughter was delighted and I was happy to see his handsome face too. The next night we saw Paul Mercurio on a TV in a restaurant! The Ukrainians have good taste in TV but I think having televisions in restaurants is a bit odd.

  2. The US networks have singed a few Aussie talents who haven’t been given a show. Still great deal for Chris and he’ll do well if he’s given the right show to contribute on.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Oh dear…everyone is cheering…but we are about to lose the Doc….good looking, tall, Vet, animals….the Americans will totally embrace him….he will be booked up for years.

  4. From my reading of the article that appeared in today’s press, it sounds like he will be starring in a US version of the show, not that they will be airing the Australian made episodes. I may be wrong, but in the article Chris refers to being a doctor on a US show and he says he looks forward to getting over to the US to do the show. That suggests they are filming their own version of it. Looks like The Living Room will need to find a new vet/co-host.

  5. David

    Apparently its part of a new Saturday morning block of shows. So its very likely its heading to the main CBS channel… which is a huge success for foreign television in USA land. source

  6. This is great news for Dr Chris, TEN and Australian media in general with another Aussie series heading to the states (with the other being Please Like Me). As Russell said, CBS doesn’t offer imported stuff on their broadcast channel so I would guess it’ll air on CBS’s TV Guide Network (TVGN) which also airs Rove LA.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, that is unfortunate that he has the same name as that other Chris Brown. But that’s great news. Chris is a great guy whose love of animals comes across when you watch him.

  8. I doubt very much it’s CBS.

    US networks do not air any foreign series at all. Let alone Australian factual series.

    My guess is a digital CBS channel or small cable channel – or online.

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