Returning: Body of Proof, Border Security, The Force.

2013-08-26_1151Seven is returning Dana Delaney’s Body of Proof to our screens with the third and final season next week.

Megan returns to work months after Peter’s death, and she is surprised by a man from her past-Tommy Sullivan, the new detective assigned to her case. Megan, along with Tommy and his rookie partner, Adam Schaeffer, must stop a serial killer whose victims are young war veterans. As she learns more about the crime, the stakes rise when she gets a call from the killer — who is holding her teenage daughter, Lacey, hostage.

9:30pm Tuesday September 3rd.

Meanwhile it has also scheduled new eps of Border Security and The Force: Behind the Line for 7:30 / 8pm for Tuesday September 3rd and 10th.

Don’t be surprised if Dancing with the Stars surfaces in that same timeslot anytime from September 17 unless the network decides to switch X Factor to Mondays / Tuesdays.


  1. If Seven have decided that The X Factor/AGT battle is important on then they could be using Border Security and The Force as a lead-in Tuesdays for a while. They have used them to fill holes on Mon, Wed and Thurs. before.

    Seven haven’t resorted out right disinformation like Nine, but there is always a first time.

  2. @ Elizabeth C You will find the short term vision for ratings with reality seems to reign supreme! I think investing in dramas in consistent day and time slots is essential! DWTS has been on many nights, so put it where it fits not rearrange the schedule.
    If they do return it to Tuesdays I will assume lessons were not learnt when they killed All Saints!

  3. I’m off O/s in 2 weeks so have no idea if taping W&L whilst I’m away is worth it?! Have no idea what the start time will be thanks to the potential DWTS.

    @Nik – viewers of W&L will get very annoyed if it’s pushed back, like All Saints was – I agree with you. Predict if they do then viewers will drop off significantly. Why 7 values celebrity style entertainment shows over drama confuses me!!

    @Alvar – Wednesday would be a better choice as it’s impacting on loyal viewers if CM finishes soon. But somehow don’t think they will…

  4. Good idea mickche, soon everyone will be buying
    dvds and stations will lose viewers. They are so disrespectful, flipping timings, taking off mid stream
    So pleased BoP is back and waiting for S3 of Suits too

  5. Bought my dad series 3 from the US of body of proof. He got annoyed of waiting, and program changes. Made a nice additional b’day present.

  6. Really surprised they moved XF away from Tuesdays and left Winners and Losers without a lead in. I’d be surprised if Dancing went to Tuesdays because that would mean pushing Winners and Losers back to 9.30. I reckon Wednesdays because its a weak night for Seven and plus Criminal Minds has its season final next week.

  7. I do hope 7 dont stuff up W&L start times by putting DWTS there! Viewers got angry when All Saints kept starting late and viewers ofW&L will be even less forgiving as attitudes have changed with even less tolerance!!!

  8. carolemorrissey

    Yay, finally we get the final season of Body Of Proof. Now we just need them to show Suits & Covert Affairs, which have just started in the US.

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